Scott Frost should resign

He is almost as bad as Chad Morris. He hasn’t had a winning season yet, don’t understand why they let him come back this year!

Somewhere in a back alley in Lincoln, possibly just outside the city limits, a small cabal is melting tar and slicing open feather pillows. A landscape timber from Lowe’s is a purchase that wouldn’t draw suspicions and could function as a serviceable rail. Frost may be given the opportunity to attend religious services tomorrow before he is found next week and given an ignoble ride out of town.


His buyout goes down $7M after the first of October, he’ll get a couple more weekends, ut he’s a dead man walking.

What has happened to this guy is a mystery to me, he was having statement wins at his previous stop and was becoming the fair haired child some might say. Is this a team that is giving us a glimpse of how a team plays that has not bought in to the process or just poor coaching all the way around? When the Frost starts forming on the corn stalk its time to begin harvest and start making a plan for better results next season and I believe the Huskers are forming that plan this morning. WPS

I cannot be too critical of him or Nebraska. At the end of John L Smith and Chad Morris eras, I was not sure the powers to be would make the right decision for Arkansas. Hunter got it done with Sam ( and other sports) and supporting him in keeping and getting good staff. The phase there but by grace of god goes me could apply too. Sam will have his difficulties too but enjoy having competent people running the program. Also remember these are 18-20 year olds too.


I can, but for off the field issues that Mr Frost seemed to shrug his shoulders over. Can’t go too much into detail, but there are a few potential law suits against Nebraska and the FB team and Mr Frost is named on at least 2 of them. Should have been fired two years ago. Shocked he is still there, honestly.

Edit: I know some on here don’t like Drinkwitz, but I give him credit for similar issues that occurred at Missery. He did what I would say was the right thing as soon as it was brought to his attention.

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Yes. It will be an early frost in Nebraska this year. But don’t worry about Coach Scott. Word is he could be the next Auburn coach. The next coach at Auburn Nebraska that is.

Bakedhog, those thing I can agree with you on.

I am one of those that can’t stand him. He is an a$$ plain and simple. He has Petrino like arrogance as well. I know him from his days at Alma, the place I graduated from back in the middle ages. Have never been a fan of his nor will I ever be a fan of his. I was horrified when I first heard his name even mentioned in the same sentence as the Arkansas job. I can’t think of a better place to have him languish in than Misery… er I mean Missouri.


My fear is that Barry Odom would be his replacement.

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That’s a good one! WPS


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Nebraska is really bad at this.

Frost has a $15 million buyout that drops to $7.5 million on October 1st.

Really couldn’t wait 3 more weeks? Geez.


Yep. Deep pockets ruled over waiting 3 weeks. :joy:

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Waiting a few weeks would have made sense financially, but I think they felt a “statement” firing was more important for their fan base and for whoever comes after Frost. Basically saying losing to an FCS school will not be tolerated at Nebraska.

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An early Frost firing was probably in the best interest of the recruiting crop. I too am worried about losing Barry Odom to the Husker Shuckers. That loss could come at a bad time for us too.

Barry Odom was 26-26 and fired at Missouri. That would be one heck of a hard sell to the Nebraska fans. They ran Frank Solich and Bo Pelini out of town for nine-win seasons, and just got rid of the next big thing who was one of their own.


Ga So isn’t FCS—although it’s barely not. It’s in the Sunbelt. Unfortunately, the Sunbelt is looking pretty good for a G5 right now although it’s the newer schools in it that are doing the shining. App St has been in it a little while. This is Marshall’s first year. The Sunbelt east is where the better programs are. (App, Coastal Car, Marshall, etc) The west division (ASwho, LaLa, ULM, Tex St, Troy & So Alabama are in the west—I think)

From the Omaha paper: Nebraska is still a good job.