Scott Frost could have

juiced Nebraska for every penny and instead took his pitiful little $5 million a year.

I respect that he saw his opportunity to do what he had always wanted and pulled the trigger instead of playing Nebraska off of FSU, etc.

For an up and comer 5 million is a high end deal, I didn’t see him landing anything than more.

It actually shocks me he got that much.

Congrats to him he deserves it.

I have no idea why it shocks you. Nebraska is remarkably–moreso than us, even–desperate and he is the savior they have been waiting on for years. Frost could have had several jobs that would have paid him $5 million plus including Nebraska, Fsu and Tennessee.

Frost has nowhere near the leverage that GM does. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love to have him on the Hill.

As it relates to Nebraska, yes he did. He had all of it. He just chose not to put them over a barrel.

It sure looks like Nebraska came out well on this.
The future will reveal the truth, but I can see why
they would envision a brighter future.