Scott Fountain

Even with the blown call, we would have won the game with decent (just decent) special teams play.
We can’t even line up correctly, and it has gone on for three games!

Fountain has years of experience and success with special teams at good programs. He seemed like a good hire, but…

Btw, his title is Assistant Head Coach. :thinking:

CSP should put him on notice today if he didn’t already last night that his job security depends on getting his units tightened up immediately!

Not putting this on Fountain, at least this year, but why is it the Hogs have not been able to find a kicker to consistently put the ball in the end zone? We consistently gave good field position with O/B and returnable kickoffs.

Teams with a deep bench of good athletes play better special teams. We don’t really have that. Yet anyway. Plus, I’m not sure who was out of this game, Covid wise. Maybe that affected it. There needs to be improvement.

Very true. However, the bone-head alignment problems and resultant penalties have to stop as of this game. It doesn’t take top talent to just line up properly. That’s all on the coach.

Yes, Increased solid depth will automatically improve the quality of the play of the special teams. Covid 19 has just added to our woes in this area.

not sure why he gap spaced our 5th man in the backfield so consistently, but it was balatantly obvious and did not seem to achieve a better coverage… PR was so promising with Treylon. I guess that Warren is too valuable to risk doing KR, so we are not at full go for best guys on the field. Catan is the worst P in the SEC and last night was the worst holder on XP. WE LOST ST play decisively, so getting full time ST coach was really a move to get a recruiter on staff is what I am seeing… So easy to improve and I believe like a lot of old folks that ST is truly 1/3 of the game and guess what that is supported by the analytic community.

It looks to me that we are running some fairly cerebral special teams schemes. And aren’t executing. Hell, we aren’t even lining up properly. At the risk of sounding like Chad (please god no), may need to simplify for awhile. I don’t think Fountain’s job should be imperiled. At least not now! There needs to be drastic improvement though. ESPECIALLY in the punt protection category. That has to get better NOW.

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Horrible so far. Marshall watched the guy run right by him to block the punt

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