Scott Faldon trying to poo-poo on Briles barely 1 min after he was announced

Knowing Scott Faldon and his work, this does not really surprise me. He must have had that ready to paste to twitter. He not only pasted this about a minute after Briles was announced, he followed up with an article talking about Baylor and how no one was really exonerated.

Something tells me Faldon is not a Briles fan.


Who is Scott Falcon?

Idk who that is and don’t care about his opinion at all.


Faldon isn’t even media any more. He works in PR for a fishing lure company.

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I know Swine, I was just about to post this.

Scott Faldon is a Ex-sportswriter and columnist covering the Razorbacks who is now retired from the newspaper business.

Has Briles been proven to have committed serious NCAA violations ? No

Has been proven to have committing crimes at Baylor? No

Am I tired of seeing Arkansas get their ##### kicked up between their shoulder blades? Yes

This ain’t church boys and girls… time to get after it or join CUSA.


Jackson…church is just a meeting place for sinners.

I like the hire.

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I’m excited from spring ball to start !!! WPS

LD…true , but some folks in this state seem to think it’s only a place for those with the ability to cast the first stone.

Also a to worship God! And I like the hire!


Big Freakin Deal!!! Do you guys really believe this stuff doesn’t go on?? Uh. Probably everywhere!! Just Win Baby!!