Scoreboard trolling


This brought quite a laugh and roar to the stadium

Which brings up another question. What is “BLEW” on the wall in front of the scoreboard?

A quick Google search yielded the following:

A brand of razor blade dryer:

I googled it yesterday and it’s an architectural firm in Fayetteville.

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It got a laugh, but I’m not sure putting that kind of stuff on the video board during a game is the best idea. It has the potential to light a fire under the team you’re trying to beat. I thought it might have when Tennessee walked and doubled in the two at-bats after it posted, but Christian Foutch shut down the rally.


Matt, that was my first thought.

I agree Matt. Serves no purpose other than to PO the other team.

I’m perfectly all right with PO Tantrum Tony and the rest of the Vomiteers. If they can’t get it going through 26 innings, the 27th isn’t going to fix it. They actually could have posted that after Saturday’s game.

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Nothing wrong with being humble.

If you’re good enough, people will know.

That’s the point. Nobody in highway cleanup orange has even a smidgen of humility. If you dish it out, you have to expect to get it back.

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Why stoop to their level?

I think it’s funny, but I do think I’d have waited until there were 2 outs in the top of the 9th to have put it up.

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In my opinion, which probably doesn’t carry a lot of weight with what they decide to post on the video board, it’s not a good idea to antagonize your opponent. I remember when Texas came to Razorback Stadium in 2004 for a walkthrough and highlights of the previous year’s beating in Austin were playing inside the stadium. It probably motivated that team a little bit the next night. I seem to remember some players talking about it after that game.


Such can bite a team in the posterior. Y’all might remember the trolling of Moo U last year. I emailed Kevin Trainer. He then went to the Mississippi State dugout pregame next day and apologized to their team. There was no excuse for that garbage.


You make a good point. I think you’re right. I’m afraid my hatred of Tennessee clouded my better judgment. The scoreboard is still funny, but that’s not the time or place to screw with the opposing team.

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The answer to no class is to be classy. That was not.

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