Scoreboard question

Does anyone know if the new board will be exactly like the old one or will it be any larger or different in some way? I can’t tell from the pictures if there’s a size difference or not.

I’ve written this multiple times: it is the same dimension as it previously has been.

Well, sorry, Matt. I guess I’ll start watching the board more carefully & not ask stupid questions anymore. Just in case it’s already been answered or something.

It’s curved, so it’s different than the other one, at least in that regard.

I didn’t mean it like that; just that it has been written in stories about the scoreboard.

I didn’t realize the curve until today, after you said it and I drove past the stadium. The structure is curved, but the screens are not, as best as I can tell.

Is that curve on only the new board in the North end, or both boards?

Definitely on the north end; not sure about the south.

I drove by RRS yesterday (had a lunch date in Fayetteville). North end screen definitely looks like it will be curved. South end screen is flat.

That south end zone board is going to be close to my seats in the upper deck, so I am more than a bit curious about whether the image quality differs substantially by being close as opposed to looking at the north end zone board.

The new NEZ screen is curved, the SEZ screen is just the old NEZ scoreboard moved to a new location. It’s the same screen, meaning it’s flat, the difference in it now is it’s just sitting on top of the SEZ level, where they used to put the temporary bleachers for overflow student attendance. It won’t have the large support structure holding it up, because it already is up. The new NEZ screen is going to be bigger, much larger framework in place to hold more screen panels than the other scoreboard.

Unless something changed during the building process, both screens will be the same dimension. Here is an excerpt from the story I wrote on the expansion a few months ago: … azorbacks/

[quote]That video board structure had to come down along with the Broyles Center late last year. The video screen previously on the north side is being installed above the south end zone this spring and should be operational by June, Trantham said. Another video screen with the same dimensions will be installed on the north end by July, Trantham said, although the structure will be closer to the field than between 2000-2016.