Score updates on phone

I get all the hog games updated scores on my phone. Update when game starts, half time and final score. I have no idea how I set that up? Can anyone tell me how that happened and how I can stop that if want too? Thanks

What app? What type of phone?

I think I used to have that set up on the ESPN app. As I recall, you could also set it up for every scoring play in a football game (that would be a little much for even the most ardent basketball fan). You can also set it up through the UA Gameday app. On Gameday, click Settings on the top left three-bar menu and then turn on/off Live Updates and Notifications.

Come to think of it, I also get some notifications through Google, but some of those (like PGA Tour scores) I definitely did not request.

Hogs 26
Mo U 16
End of 1st quarter

Thanks!! I had that set on my Arkansas Gameday app.

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I was watching the game and fell asleep. I looked it up the hogs won 86-80.

All sports apps have the capability to pick your team and choose the alerts you want. You must have chosen Razorbacks as your favorite team and alerts for game start, half time and final.

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