Score update

LSU leads OM 3/1 in the 4th
Vandy and SC tied at 8/8 in the 6th
MS beat T A&M 4/0

Now 3-2 LSU in the 5th.
Georgia up 8-2 on Florida
Auburn 4-1 over Bama in the 8th
Tennessee 8-5 over Misery in the 7th.

LSU brings in Hess who has sucked all yr and all of a sudden he looks unhittable K about 5 in 2 innings…Figures he would get it togther right before we play them… :x :x

Hess had a great start in his last outing then Mainieri decided to move him to the bullpen.

Hess ERA is 4.65 50 inn pitched 59 hits and 25 BB so he has been horrible but our luck he’s getting it together just at the right time :x

right on cue Hess gives up a HR to johnson 4-3 LSU

Vandy has hung up another 9 runs on the Poultry, now 17-8 in the 6th.

LSU up 4-3 in the 7th.

Softball: Hogs and Auburn scoreless in the third.

I think Arkansas can probably forget hanging with Vanderbilt - not because Arkansas can’t win, but because Vanderbilt has an easy schedule down the stretch.

Both teams play Kentucky. The other two series at LSU and Texas A&M for the Razorbacks; Missouri and South Carolina for the Commodores. Vanderbilt might finish with 23 conference wins.

Hogs have now won 8 straight SEC games, which is not easy to do. Win 8 more, doesn’t matter what Vandy does. I don’t expect to run the table but I didn’t expect to win all of these last 8 either.

Several weeks ago folks made comments about the number of wins it would take to win the west would be 18! It looks like there may end up being a few teams reach that number!

With 8 games to go, we have 16 wins, LSU and Moo U have 14, OM has 13. All four could get to 18. If we only get to 20 we’ll be disappointed.

I think what happened was a bunch of unexpected sweeps, when most people expected 2-1 series. We swept MSU and Tennessee. OM swept the Aggies. MSU swept Georgia. LSU hasn’t swept anyone since first weekend but has been pretty consistent since then. A&M and Auburn could theoretically get to 18 as well but would have to get scorching hot from here on (7-1).