Score Prediiction thread: Alcorn State

Arkansas, As many as we want.
Alcorn State, not very much.

I think the players will make a statement.

44 - 6 Hogs
Hopefully a lot of reserves get some valuable playing time.

I signed on the WholeHog prediction thread and it indicated I picked AR 45-3. So, since it picked on its own, I think it’s trying to say something. So, 45-3 AR

38-3 at half.

62-6 final.

49-7 Hogs

A 49-21 squeaker.

56-14 Hogs

Hogs 58
Braves 7

At Alcorn, they say, “We ain’t cotton, we ALL CORN!”…plus, the “Who Dat” cheer used by the Saints originated in Lorman, MS…“who dat, who dat, who dat talkin’ bout beaten dem Braves!”…

Alcorn, alma mater of Steve “AIR” McNair (RIP)

Hogs 52
Al St 0

First shutout of the year.
Running backs run Wild
3rd Pick six of the season - Mr Tolliver gets in on the fun.

My Predi-iction…
UAPB beat Alcorn and UAPB football team is terrrible. Should limit them less than 10 and score as many as we want until running out of time. 55-7

Alcorn is getting paid pretty good to get their butts beat bad.

Hogs 56
Braves 10

55-6. Hogs. Will take some frustration out.

56-0- Hogs!

You called the Tolliver pick 6! I remembered you posting this because I almost posted it myself before I saw yours. I had to come to the board to give you props! Haha.