Score Predicton Thread: Coastal Carolina vs. Arkansas

Easy win. Work out some kinks. Get some people healthy.

Hogs 56
CC. 7

Lots of PT for the youngsters.

Ark: a whole lot
CC: not very much

Hogs 45
CC- 14

44 to 27 because we play a lot of young players. The young players will make mistakes.
We need to play some young guys on Defense- Micah Smith at S, Calloway at CB, Montaric at S?, ANY and I mean ANY LB’s we can play, then Guidry, Marshall, Watts, etc on Dline.

Ark 47
CC 9

Nice day for a scrimmage


No last second field goals needed this week.

600+ yards of offense for the good guys

Ark 59
CC 17


C. Carolina…13

Hogs pounce. Arkansas 49. Chickens 13

Gonna go postal on Coastal.

Hogs 45

Chanticleers (whatever that is) 10

Since Arkansas State beat Coastal Carolina 51 - 17, I am compelled to pick it: ARKANSAS 52 COASTAL CAROLINA 17
Until proven otherwise, I will always believe the Razorbacks are a better team than the Red Wolves – even if it’s only one point better.

51-17 Hogs

Hawgs 52-10. WPS!!