Score Prediction thread: Western Kentucky vs. Arkansas

Who knows? WKU 31, Arkansas 14.

Until they prove me wrong:

WKU 35 (Storey 5TD passes) AR 0.

Jackson gets his wish at the post game press conference

28-27 WKU

Storey has his poetic redemption. Morris doesn’t coach another game. Traylor is named interim. :woozy_face:

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27-23 Hilltoppers with the win.

4 straight predictions for WKU. How far we have fallen.

JSJ gets a W in his first start. KJ rushes for 127 yards and throws for 150 and 2 tds.

Ar 38
WKY 31

I hope you’re right

I agree, we are horrible, but even we can win this game, ugly win but finally a win.

I think some of the predictions are wishful thinking :slight_smile:

Hogs 35
WKU 21

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I agree with you sdhog. Hogs play well and win 34-21.

WKU 28
UofA 24

WKU-24, Hogs-21. CCM is almost officially done at Arkansas.

I picked Arkansas to win, but I don’t have a lot of confidence in it happening. I studied Western Kentucky last week. The WKU defense is very good, but I wonder whether it has seen a team as fast as Arkansas at the skill positions. On the opposite side, I think Arkansas might have some trouble with Lucky Jackson, a fifth-year receiver who will be targeted a lot. He had 16 catches on 18 targets two weeks ago.

New quarterback pair for Arkansas, a transfer quarterback from Arkansas for WKU. Great story lines.

The two questions: Can Chavis design a defensive game plan that we can execute? Can Craddock design a watered down play book offense that puts points on the board.

So far, neither has succeeded. Until proven otherwise,

WKU 27
Hogs 24

Even bigger question Matt - has Arkansas quit? I don’t know about everybody, but more than a couple have to give up almost 500 rushing yards. You know WKU will be highly motivated.

Unless the team has indeed quit, I think we win. I’m not confident in that prediction–who could be?–but I’ll predict something like 38-24 hogs.

ARK 36

WKY 29

A win is a win is a win is a win…

Arkansas 52 WKU 10

Close game for a half. Morris questions the teams manhood- 38-17 Hogs

The two young QBs will make it more exciting, but will also make mistakes (can’t be worse than the old ones). Therefore, I predict the Hogs will score some, but the defense is about as good (not quite) as air and much slower.

Hogs 30

WKU 45

JSJ & KJ, won’t look the same this Saturday as they did last week when they took the field down thirty. They both have a lot going for them and one big thing against them, lack of experience at the college level. I don’t think CCM could have picked a better game to give Jones a start. This is a game that that the Hogs should never lose under any circumstances yet we find ourselves picked to win by a slim margin on our home field, which tells how much our program has slipped. WKY 24 Hogs 17