Score Prediction thread Week 1: Eastern Illinois

The tradition continues.

I say Arkansas gets off to a good start with a win, but Eastern Illinois, led by former Razorback and Rogers High grad Kim Dameron, will get a few licks in.

Arkansas 34, Eastern Illinois 20.

Hawgs: 42
EIU: 17

Biggest storyline: defense gets 7 sacks, but our offense gives 5.

Hogs 38

Eastern Illini 14


41 - 21

55-47 good guys

45-28 Hogs

Take Goliath on this one…

Ark 38


Hogs: 45-9

Hogs 54-7

Hogs 49 - 10

Mercy, if we give up 47 boy its gonna be a tougher year than I hoped.

42 - 10, Hogs, defense scores twice. Let’s start off with a sign of what’s to come ! WPS

Hogs. 45-13

Running game goes hammer down and averages over 9 yards per carry


Hogs 45-10. Regarding some of the above threads - if this team scores 30+ on us it is going to be a very long year…

42-7 Hogs… I think our defense is going to surprise.


If the score is any closer than this, it’s going to be a long season.

Hawgs 31,
EIU 13

Kim Dameron will have his team fired up to play his alma mater and the game will be close for the first quarter-and-a-half, but late in the second quarter the Hogs begin to get their footing offensively and take care of business. While it’s only a three-score game, the defense shuts down the EIU offense and the Hawgs remaining vanilla because they have control don’t run it up.