Score Prediction Thread, We Wuz Robbed edition: Ole Miss at Arkansas

The last time the officials screwed up so badly that we lost the game (at Florida, 2009) we got killed the next week against, of all people, Ole Miss. I like the coaching staff’s leadership better than that staff’s.

Arkansas 45, Ole Miss 41

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Good guys 47, bad guys 38.

Arkansas 52 Ole Miss 49.

Well, I certainly hope that our team and coaches do a much better job of moving on from the Auburn game than many of the posters on this board. We’re 2 days out from the game, and all I’m seeing is the same dialog over and over and over again. It stunk, and I hated it, but for goodness sake, move on!

If our team and coaches struggle to move on, then it will be 2009 all over again. And, if we are not mentally ready to play in the first quarter like last week (numerous penalties, three and out on 3 of the first 4 possessions with only one first down, a blocked punt, and numerous missed tackles) we will get blown out.

I want to believe in this coaching staff and our players. 48-45 Hogs in a game that will come down to the last possession.

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I seem to be on the wrong end on who wins lately.

I predicted MS State to beat us by 11
Picked Arkansas to beat Auburn by 3

     Ark   34
    Ole Miss  37

Think we see enough defense to keep them less than 40. Question is can we score over 40?

I hate Ole Miss, but wanted Kiffin to come here when we all thought he was coming until that Saturday morning. Kiffin is a narcissist so he does fit in much better at Ole Miss and the down home style of Sam Pittman probably fits in Fayetteville better for the Hogs.

I always try to pick who I really think will win, not who I will root for.

Ole Miss 41
Arkansas 31

Joey Freshwater gets the first win of the rivalry.

I have no idea what to expect. I know we’re a much better team than I thought we’d be–and I thought we’d be improved. Still, I don’t know yet how good our opposition has been. (Well, I know how good UGA is, but they beat us easily in the 2nd half.) Ole Miss looks to be as good or better than we are. They beat a pretty good UK team & hung tough with Bama until the very end–scoring almost at will. They lost to a good UF team although they played them pretty close.

Corrall is obviously a damned good QB. If Bama can’t stop him, our defense will have a very hard time doing so. A lot might depend upon who is healthy & who isn’t.

I think we might pull it off, though.

Hogs 45
Webels 42

After a toe to toe shootout loss to Bama. Ole Miss may be drained a little. Or thinking AR won’t be that competitive.
AR - 38
OM - 35

As bad as I hate to say it, I think we are too beat up and OM is too balanced. We still struggle to win all phases of the game and make some bad calls on offense to hang with a team that scores like OM does. This one will hurt. 45-31 Old Missy

Hogs 45-34

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Ole Miss is going to be very hard to deal with.

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I just don’t see how this defense can stop Ole Miss. Bama could not do it. Our lack of depth will really show as well. No way the offense can hang with them. I expect a big let down from Ole Miss and a little one from us.

Ole Miss - 48
AR - 34

Hawgs. 42

Rebs. 24

Barry Odom takes another step towards the Broyles Award.


Picking the Hogs for the first time this year. I think our defense will do a better job than most think.

Hogs 31
Ole Miss 21

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41-38 hogs

Hogs 47
Rebs 44
Franks and crew lead the way…

Vegas says:
Ole Miss 39.75
Hogs 36.75

Greg Stankey says:
Hogs +4

Too early in the week for me to vote yet. But, I’ll react to CHog…Arkansas put a legit 28 on Aubie on the road. I’m still a bit surprised at the improvement over the MSU game, but the Hogs O is improving.

By the way, Franks’ QBR was better against Aubie than Bennet’s (of Georgia).Moreover Franks’ Passing Efficiency is #7 in the SEC; 23rd nationally. If Burks returns healthy, our WRs might be in pretty fair shape. Trey just has to be 1b now; so many options with him in the backfield. And if Boyd is healthy - we’ll be in very good shape at RB for Ole Miss.

I’m thinking if the Hogs can put 28 on Aubie they can put 40-ish against Ole Miss…and our defense seems to be getting better…should be interesting.

We were robbed for sure last weekend, and the entire country saw it and agrees based on what I’ve read and heard since Saturday. They also see that we have a real team this year that will stand toe to toe with the best teams in the SEC. I expect a shootout this week with Ole Miss.
ARK 38
Ole Miss 35

Hate to do it but we are beat up. Defense especially. Gerald hurt more than he plays. All the defensive backs not heard from, both linebackers banged up. Ole miss w best offense I’ve seen in a while. CSP said their offense same as ours ours hasn’t looked anything like what I saw against bama. Hate ole miss and auburn. Got robbed of one win.

Ole Miss. 38
Arkansas. 31