Score Prediction thread, Walk-the-plank edition, Arkansas at MSU

One friend tweeted that the first half Saturday was more fun than the last two years put together. Not far from wrong. I expect this game will be fun too, but not too much fun. I predict a shootout this week. MSU 45, Arkansas 37.

Bell Ringers. 49
Hogs. 28

Cow College 45
Hogs 24

31-28 Arkansas

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MSU is always a tough game for us at Starkville

Leach had them on fire in his first game at LSU
This should be a shootout. Boyd goes over 130 yards and Burks get’s 2 more TDs
MSU goes over 500 yards and we go over 400 yards

MSU 52
Ar 41

55-35 State

I believe Odom will come up w something to at least slow them down. That said until proven Briles offense and play calling are a huge question mark. Special teams will be better

Arkansas 35
MSU. 31


State 42, Hogs 24.

State 63, Hogs 17

Leach gets massive yardage against us with the air raid, but we continually stymie him at opportune times and frustrate him in the redzone.

Boyd gets on track and rushes for 105 yards and 2 tds. It’s surprisingly a lower scoring game than we would think because our rushing attack actually keeps the offense on the field for a bit more time than it did in the first game.

Franks throws a pick early, but he settles in and tosses two tds.

Arkansas pulls the upset.

Arkansas 28
MSU 24


I believe we will all be pleased with Briles’ play calling after this game is over, since our offense won’t be playing against about 8 or 9 eventual NFL starters. I believe that Odom will have a defensive scheme to at least slow down the air raid. I also expect to see a couple interceptions by our D.

Hogs 35
MSU 28


Hogs 33-21

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Hogs. 42
Pups. 40

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porkers 40
dogs 39

hogs top the dogs –

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He’s to imagine leach scoring under 42. They always have great d line and athletes, hard to imagine us scoring over 24. I won’t even mention special teams.

42-24 cowbells

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MSU 55
Hogs 17

MSU 76
Ark 13

We’re still making pedestrian QB’s look like Heisman contenders. MSU has a good QB. I’m worried they might throw for 1000 yards.

I’m still baffled at how open opposing receivers are, and how we don’t get hardly any separation at all.

Odom returns more defensive players this week. Hopefully we don’t lose any others on either side.

AR - 34
MSU - 30

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We must get some sacks and interceptions to be able to have a chance. The offense hopefully will have much better field position this week as well. Still, I don’t see how we can stay with them at this point in time. MSU 42 Hawgs 24.

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