Score Prediction thread: Vanderbilt at Arkansas

I think we win. Our defense is decent and their offense is no more than mediocre. If Ty Storey plays well, we win in a reasonably close game. If he doesn’t or gets hurt again, all bets or off.

I’m gonna say Arkansas 27, Vanderbilt 21.

I think our defense got some much needed confidence in the shut out last week. We throw even more pressure against the Vandy offense.
We install more offense as well.

Hogs - 33
Vandy - 24

I’m not convinced Vandy has a better offense than Tulsa, but they do have a decent QB. Our offense will come up with some creative ways to get Boyd the ball.

Hawgs: 31

17-16 Arkansas

24 - 21 Hogs.

Hogs 24

Vandy 7

Boyd runs wild…

Hogs 24

Mo dores 21

Hogs 23
Dores 10

I’m back to drinking the koolaid.

Ark 31
Vandy 28


I think it will be a close game. But I do not think it will be a high scoring game, so Hogs 17-14 but I would not bet on us winning.

I feel the same way, this is a toss up game and ever who has the least turnovers comes out a winner in a nail biter. I want to believe we win because of our steady improvement ,Hogs 24 - Vandy 21. WPS

Vandy 24- AR 21

Like most, I expect this to be a close game, but this isn’t the Vanderbilt of year’s past. They’ve played some very good teams very close.

Vandy is just a little bit better

24-20 Dores

Hogs take home the bacon in a nail biter, 21-17.

Ark 8
Vandy 7

two in a row—for the team in the red/white helmets

I have no idea how either team will play. lots of injuries, not much depth. Both team play hard, both have nice tailbacks and decent QB’s and both Qb’s have been injured. Both have decent defenses and decent ST. We are at home, but I think they are a better team.

So can I say whoever wins the TO/no special teams gaffs is the winner?

ok, total WAG…Dores 28, hogs 20

To clarify, I have no idea


Vandy 21
Ark. 20

Vandy is very physical from their games I’ve watched. Hope our guys match their physicality. They run the ball well, use their tight end effectively (shades of Bama and Ole Miss) and will throw some deep balls. I think our offense can out score theirs but just barely

Arkansas 27
Vandy 23

24 -17 Hogs