Score Prediction thread, tired Tiggers edition: Arkansas at LSU

Lots to consider here: Will LSU be beat up and tired after a surprisingly close game at 'Bama? Will they be fired up or falling down because their coach is on his way out? Will a night game in Death Valley energize them? Will Arkansas have enough energy after the emotional win over MSU?

Who knows? Winnable game for us. Losable, too. Their offense isn’t scary like MSU’s. I’ll stick with the Hogs, 24-20.

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Hogs 38
Corndogs 24

Hogs 42
LSU 17

We’re going to take it to them.

I have no idea what to expect. I’ll let loyalty rule the day for me:

Hogs 35
corndogs 28

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Hogs- 28
LSU -20


hob goffh moba mah mehg ahrobutyh mofa sahyouse, mahdat na bah!

Translation: What do you mean another restraining order? Who, me?

Hogs somehow win. 49-48.


Hopefully the stands will only have 40,000 drunks and 8,000 sober drivers to take them home…
Hogs 27 - The land of Strange - 21.

I think we can block them, and I think we can get a pass rush on them… but can we stop that power running game?

We should have beaten them last year at home…

I think we we can score on them…

Would be a huge win for our program, like really impactful…. I think we win 31 to 23….

I’m going with 31-28

70-0 Arkansas

Yeah, I said it.


In Death Valley, I have to give the edge to the home team. LSU-24, Hawgs- 21.

We were at Tiger stadium for the 2015 night game - sent the fans to the exits early! Our OL played pancake with their DL - it was a dominant performance. Don’t expect as dominant a performance but the Hogs will prevail 28-21

Here kitty 🐈‍⬛ ! 31 Hogs Kittens 24



Watch out for those battery throwing grannies…. :grimacing:

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LSU 26
Ark 25

Playing in Death Valley at night is a 7-point disadvantage…

LSU is gonna be emotionally spent and have nothing in the tank. Close first half but the Hogs take it to them in the 2nd half

Hogs 42
LSU 27

We are better than they are. It stays close 'till the end. Hogs 24 Corndogs 21.

Fried battered wieners 27
U of A 34

I have thought about this one as if anybody cares what I think (why would you?). I think I have picked against the Hogs in these games they have won so do I dare pick them now? I am pretty sure what the Hogs will bring - a solid and developing offense and a marginal at best defense. They will play hard on both sides.

The question is what will LSU bring? None of us know. They certainly have talent.

Just to not jinx the Hogs, I will say LSU in a close one with a late drive against a tired, undermanned defense - Ole.

Good. 31

Evil. 27