Score Prediction thread: Texas State

35-13, Hogs. UA will be a little sluggish. Some fans might grumble, but it will be a relatively smooth ride.

In Vegas this game may be off the board and should not be a worry for us, finally. I expect our approach to be pretty vanilla.

I’m not so sure of that. I know we should win easily, but they have a dual threat QB that can play. I hope the players and fans don’t take this game lightly because they hung 56 points on Ohio University in week 1.

With absolutely no means of justification for my presentiment, I rather expect Bielema & Co. to plot a very vanilla, non expository game plan, to present as few noteworthy Arkansas offensive and defensive schemes and special plays as possible for upcoming opponents to analyze and to prepare for.

Should that prove to be the case, I don’t expect to see an outlandishly lopsided score result, unless Texas State should prove to be absolutely hapless to prevent the Hogs from doing anything they choose to do at any time, and in any and all circumstances - even extending so far as the telegraphing of the most basic of plays.

Hogs a little slow to start be then pulling away late second quarter. I only hope to see enough points to get our #2 QB into the game for the entire 4th quarter. HOGS 42-10.

We come out and pounce fast, then start toying with the OLine players to get some looks, which may or may not stall us a little on offense.
By 4th quarter we have reserves in and Tx St offense will score some .

48 - 17 Hogs

Hogs 38 Texas St 28

Yeah I think you on track here. Too much talk about the TCU game. I think we struggle a bit. Hope I’m wrong.
Arkansas 31
Texas State 21

Ark 45
Tx St 24

We need to score a bunch in this one, but will have a hard time of holding them to less than 24.

Whaley needs to get at least 10 carries to get him going.

Arkansas 31, Texas State 21

I see ball handling being as issue for Tx St. Also, I think we’ll establish the run game early and employ it often enough to keep the second fastest offense in the country off of the field. Having said that I think the Hogs force three turnovers and have the QB running for his life most of the game (though he is athletic). I see 7 sacks and 18 QB hurries in this game and a safety. Final Score 44-13

I think that we lose 34-27.

There, hopefully by making this prediction it will not come true and we will roll all over them but seeing a team with a great passing game and a mobile QB come to town and everyone still basking in the glory of what may end up being an overrated victory at TCU makes me really worried. I liked what I saw this past weekend but it would be so easy to take a step back.

Arkansas 31

Texas State 14

Hogs sluggish coming off of big win, could be looking ahead. Texas St well rested and eager. Still not convinced this team not waaaay overrated. NO COVER.

Probably a vanilla game unless we let ourselves get into trouble. Why show A&M anything new if we don’t have to? I think we win handily 38-10, but obviously don’t cover the spread. Woo Pig

So glad I was wrong! Woo Pig Sooiee!