Score Prediction thread: Texas State

I’ll start:
Arkansas 38, Texas State 13.

Arkansas is a little sluggish after last week’s big win. But no real surprises here.

48-17 Razorbacks. Devwah Whaley gets his first rushing touchdown as a Razorback. Dominique Reed will catch a long touchdown pass.

No idea on a score, but the Hogs win comfortably.

Devwah does indeed get his first significant playing time.


I’ll say 42-17 but will settle for anything that gives my ulcer a break. I am ready for a dull ho hum game.

I’m sick of everything Texas. Booing Miller going to the dressing room was the last straw. I say let’s take it out on Texass State…

Hogs 52
TS. 10

Ty Storey plays the entire 4th quarter. Maybe sooner.

Who is Miller?


58-10—7 touchdowns-- 3 field goals-- including 50 yarder

Hogs 49-28. Texas State throws the ball around after they get behind and gets TD’s on our secondary.

Gonna go out on a limb and say Hogs D finds their mojo in this game and racks up sacks early that turns to takeaways later! Hogs run for 300 plus with 4 backs! Hogs pass for 250 plus! Hogs 55 Bobcats 13! AA 3 touchdowns and Ty S. 2 !!!

45-20 hogs.

34-21 Hogs…too close for many.

Can’t be tinkering without adding some exposure.

49-20 good guys

This teams offense scares me and I hope it scares the team. I think our offense will be able to outscore them, but still not sold on this backend defense, but they are improving. A score? I would guess upper 30s to something like 21. I hope for a bigger win to be able to get playing time for the younger guys and backups, and to rest some of the starters, but I don’t see it. We can’t keep playing Ellis every down against these teams.

71-70 Hogs 5 OT

Wishing I were a betting man however I am not. Thought we would beat la tech but not by the 26 pt line. Did not think it would be as close as it was. Last week I picked the hogs to win and we did. This week. Arkansas 42, Texas state 14


Bobbincats stuffed and on the mantle.

Hogs 45
TSU 24

We give up some points against the spread but our size and speed is too much.

Hogs 48
tsu 31

6 TD’s; 2 FG’s. Agree, D-DUB gets significant carries. Just hopeful for no injuries prior to aTm

Closer than I’d like. Hogs 38 Texas St. 21…