Score Prediction thread: TCU at Arkansas

Close game early; TCU flames out in the second half and can’t get the ball back because of our running game. Arkansas 31, TCU 21.

I don’t know if we can hold them to 21 but i hope so

Hogs 38
Bad Guys 31

I like 38-31 with our Hogs the winner.

Hogs 55
Frogs 49

Hogs 38
Frogs 35

I think I picked Arkansas 31-28 in the magazine. I now think it’ll be higher scoring.

Hopefully it’s a good game in the fourth. Last year’s in Fort Worth was the most entertaining game of the year to cover, easily.

Hogs 31-24.

31 -24 Hogs, I think our run game goes wild on them with the true freshman over 150 yards on the ground

TCU 38

Hogs 27

Too much TCU speed vs some talented, but inexperienced CB’s will be our downfall in this one.

Also, AA and his WR are still developing chemistry. We need a perfect game from our ball-control offense ( = on the field 35+ minutes) to prop up our defense. That passing chemistry is not quite developed enough yet to allow us to do that.

Hogs 35, Frogs 34.

The run game will control the clock. Having J-Red back will help AA’s confidence in the passing game, and the Horned Frogs will have a field goal block on the final play by the spirit of Skipper to give the Hogs a truly miraculous win. Ha! (I do believe the run game will help control the clock and AA’s passing attack will have better timing).

Have to love the home field advantage in this one.

We are out to prove something on National TV. Go up 24-17 at the half and add to lead in 2nd half.

Hogs 38
TCU 17

I’m not confident

Waiting to see and hoping for an Arkansas Victory

This game and Tex A&M I think are key to the season

I like the Hogs in this one.

Hogs - 38
Frogs - 27

Devwah plays like a top 3 SEC back with a change of pace and good runs from Hayden and Williams.

Hogs 28 - TCU 24, running game and Qb sacks by our improved defense will be the difference! WPS

I’m skeered of fast frogs. Much scarier than rattlesnakes. The loss of Pulley and a good dual threat QB just too much for us.

Fast Frogs 42

Hogs 28

41 -31 Frogs

Still not sold on the OL

Prove me wrong Hogs!

Hogs may very well lose this game Saturday. TCU is very talented and will be a tough opponent. We have a lot of questions to answer. That said, remember how poorly everybody felt going into last year’s TCU game right after the 21-20 victory (loss to some fans) over Louisiana Tech. Nobody felt real good going into the TCU game. Don’t quite have that feeling this year, though there is some trepidation concerning the game.

Swing game for the Hogs, needs this one for a bowl. Love the optimism on the board but I don’t share it.

Frogs: 31
Hogs: 27

Too much speed and they man-handle us on the lines.

Point spread opened AR -1. I believe it has moved to TCU -3 which sounds bout right.

Frogs 31
Hogs 28

Our OLine is much better than our own fans think. We will run the ball much better than last year and that means we should be able to open up the play action part of playbook.

Our offense could be good enough to keep pressure on TCU; especially if we can run the ball and our defense does better than we did last year in the 4th quarter. Special teams could be the difference and TCU has Turpin.