Score Prediction thread, Stars Fell on Alabama edition: Arkansas v. Alabama

We’re playing better on defense. ‘Bama is beat up on offense. Their defense can give up big plays. We’re on a run of breaking losing streaks. So, I’m sayin’ there’s a chance …

Not really.

'Bama 38, Arkansas 13.

Bring on Mizzou.

I saw one pick this morning, can’t remember where. They don’t think we’ll win, but they also don’t think Bama will cover -22.5. FWIW.

Hogs: 17
Bama: 42


Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.


Hey, I can sell you some supplemental insurance for that.


You’re kiddin’, right.

Tusk 12
Bigger Tusk 24


Bama is still Bama…

Bama 31
Hogs 20

My rose colored glasses are fogged over. And the kool aid I love is bitter this week.

Nevertheless……Hogs 36 Tide 35……without hope what do we have?


42 - 10

Hogs capture 3 Bama turnovers and Cam Little kicks the 50 yd. game winner with :03
Nick is seen crying on the sideline…


There’s always hope! I just pray for a Hogs win.
I will watch the game until the bitter end no matter what the score is. It also gives me hope to know our hogs are head over heels better know with a real Head Coach Sam Pittman! He treats the players like young men and hard but fair.
Hogs win!

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I just can’t talk myself into believing we can beat bama. However, the evidence says we can. A&M did. LSU nearly did They struggled with UF. Still, the odds makers know all that and made them a 20 point favorite

I think, though, we have to catch bama sleeping or looking ahead. We have to play our best game. No stupid penalties and no turnovers. Got to hold our blocks and shed theirs.

Oh well. My thoughts are worthless. I’ll pick bama to win 35-14 and hope I’ve underrated our team.


Here’s the Bummer injury report. Sounds like they got a few people dinged up against NMSU.

Tide 34, Hogs 19

I can’t in good faith justify picking a Hog win, but…

For me, I’m more interested in the score at the half. It’s going to say a lot to me if we’re in the game at half time.

I’m calling a 17-10 Bama lead at the half. I think Jefferson gets a rushing TD and Little hits a 52 yarder.

Our super seniors are playing their butts off keeping Bama to 17.

We go into the locker room and get a hopeful, motivating speech from the Pittmaster.

Bama’s players go to the locker room and receive…well…let’s just say less than kind words from Admiral Saban.

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Arkansas 21
Alabama 20

Cam Little makes 7 FG’s.


That is some carry you off the field stuff right there. I like it.


Hawgs beat the spread. Tide 35-17…

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You Are a Blessing - pass me what your drinking

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General Sir! I like it but the road is very narrow and the needle to be threaded is tight

OH let this be true

On of my concerns in this game is Nicky telling the Yellow Hammer boys that they have to “Hammer” Yellow or not Arkansas, Auburn and beat UGA to get to the playoffs

But yes Hammer Arkansas like UGA did - there will be no mercy

I think Arkansas is much better prepared for Bama then they were for UGA - so I’m hoping for a good close game or a miracle win and no broken bodies in the Razorback squad