Score Prediction thread, Show Missouri edition: Missouri at Arkansas

Time to show Missouri who’s boss: Arkansas 38, Mizzou 13.

I have a sneaking suspicion that this one is going to be close, but we’re going to win. I think we’re playing a highly motivated team that has also shown some real scrappiness as of late. It’s not easy to stop a losing a streak.

Arkansas 42
Mizzou 34

Too many level-headed kids on this team to not have a strong finish to the regular season.

UA - 48
UM - 20

Hogs will be ready for the challenge. Motivated big time.


We take all 3 trophy games.

Arkansas 42 Missouri 10

Arkansas - 55
Trailer Trash from up North - 13


Hogs - 42
Kittens - 17

Please let us not pull a performance like we had against Auburn. That is the only way we lose IMO,

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45-21 Hogs if Burks is healthy
35- 24 Hogs if Burks can’t go.

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Who are the refs pulling for in this one?

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Hogs - 38

Mizzou - 27

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77-0 Arkansas. I want utter destruction.


Arkansas 52 Mizzou 25


“Ha, your clown show is going to beat us? WE OWN YOU.”

“All you have to do is read some of your game threads. Your posters know a heck of lot more than rush 3 Odom and East West Briles. They all need to be coaches when they’re not stocking shelves or standing at intersections with signs.”

“I look at your secondary and laugh. You’ve got some 4.2-4.3 40 guys back there. Start on April 2 and finish on April 3.”

Bryce Young torched you guys for 559 yards. Bazelak will have that by half."

“We will blow you out and then send you some of our rejects”.

Tigers 84
Ugly Hogs 0

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Hogs. 41

Missery. 24

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Something like this, agree. Mizzou’s defense is about to get exposed. So is ours to an extent.

Hogs 56

Mizzou 31

We exercise some more demons
Hogs 41 putti cats 17

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With CL kicking the way he is I feel like we could have a great opportunity to score on most every possession if all our starters play. Mizzou has been playing better of late, but I do believe it’s the year of the Hog !! Hogs 38 - Tigers 24 - WPS

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Ark 32

Mo 23

The Tigers rally and cover the number…

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I have not done all of these, but have the big games (not last week) and in each I have picked against the Hogs and they won; therefore, I cannot pick The Hogs. No, I don’t believe in all that stuff.

AR - ______
MO - 31

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Missouri rush defense hasn’t improved. They just have the easiest schedule in the conference. We would be 10-1 with that schedule. This is going to be an old fashion whoopin. We will all be able to enjoy this game start to finish. No if’s ands or buts about it. A great way to finish this season and honor our great senior and super senior class.

54-17 good guys