Score Prediction thread: San Jose State

Hogs win big this week, can’t wait for big boy football so we can see where the program is at and where we’re headed in the Sec ! Not expecting wins yet but want to see us become competitive. WPS

That one’s not me. :joy: :joy: :joy:

I think it’s Elmo

Hogs win 55-14. we see the offensive chunk plays for us all day long.

I’m thinking along this line. wps

I would like to see some nice Hog execution during Q1.

Arkansas, big - I think by around four touchdowns or more.

Arkansas will play down to the competition. But still will have enough to win. Hogs 28 SJS 21.

I’m actually thinking the same thing. We win, but the game makes people complain again

“Starkel Knows the way through San Jose”

Yeah but he’s been away for such a long time.Hope our O-line can open up holes like great big freeways.

Defense continues to concern, but Hogs balanced offense rules the day, 45-24.

WR’s Catch TD throws from four different QB’s as the HOGS Roll 63-10 ! WPS