Score Prediction thread: San Jose State

I know nothing about San Jose State. But I liked what I saw from our offense Saturday. I think we see more of that.

Hogs 45, SJS 20

Hogs 52
San Jose 27

42-14 Hogs. Then it gets interesting.

Hogs 38
SJS 21

San Jose St is in Colorado St’s Conference. Last year they were one of teams from that conference that was considered worse than CSU. They’re not picked to be much better this year. Having said that:

AR 38 SJSU 20 much closer than anyone expects

Hogs 52 - SJS 24

Hogs 65 SJS 6

Ideally I doubt if the coachs want a ton of points, but a good look at the first group and later in the gsme a look at as many as they would like to see improve and be a big help this year.
Scoring 70 points would not be as productive as avancing several back ups into more reliable players

Hogs. 49

Joses. 14

JSJ Will play. GHG!

41-17 and never in doubt unlike last week.

44-10. Defense gets 2 TD’s including a pick 6,

Vegas has Hawgs as 21 point favorite

Couple other games

TAM 4 point favorite over Auburn at home

MSU 7 point favorite over Ky at home

Ark 46
SJ 29

Starkel knows the way thru San Jose…

You forgot which sockpuppet you had your hand in, baked! :socks:


Hogs continue to show improvement and play lots of backups… Game not as close as final score of 45 to 17.

Hogs 52 - 14

Hogs 59 - 20

Starkel getting locked and loaded for Tex AM

Offense Explodes and get the confidence needed going into A&M game! 57-17!

Think I predicted Arkansas to win 49-13 in HI this week. I’ll stick with it.

48-14…Hogs will roll.