Score Prediction thread, Rocky Bottom edition: Tennessee at Arkansas

Two programs moving in opposite directions. Arkansas is exceeding expectations. Tennessee is falling short. The Vols look fragile. The Hogs look confident. Arkansas 34, Tennessee 20.

Hogs. 48

EOE-K. 21

Us: A lot.
Them: A lot less.

27-24 Hogs

Razorbacks 27
Rocky Top 21

Having expressed doubt over the Vol’s favored status, I suppose I’m obligated to make a prediction. Arkansas 31, UT 24. Seems I’m not alone in these parts, even if the rest of the country doesn’t agree. Maybe the line will change over the next few days. Notwithstanding line play, Guarantano ain’t no Mond.

30-23 Arkansas.

Four Pick-6s and a safety. JK of course.

How does this contrast to your preseason estimate for this game?

Not sure if I did a preseason breakdown. If I did I’ve forgotten.

Uh, so you’re thinking that the offense (ours) will not score?

Hogs 31-27.

I think we win. I’ll guess 34-24

I added JK of course at the end.

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Hogs 33
Vols 31

Ark bounces back with a squeaker…

Hogs 35
Vols 24

I think our QB is much better and our running game is starting to improve thanks to some OL meshing together. UT is not A&M talent wise. I like our chances at home.

I am so tired of picking other teams to beat us, so here goes:

Arkansas 31
Tennessee 27

I think we will need a couple of turnovers to beat the Vols while playing error free turnover-less ball ourselves. Being at home may be the difference in this game. Please Coach Pittman don’t put the game into the hands or feet or our kicker.

Hogs win a squeaker, or in this case maybe a squealer, 24-23.

Hogs 31
Tenn. 21

We score early and keep the lead through out.

AR - 33

TN - 21

Vegas says:
Vols: 27
Hogs 25.5