Score Prediction Thread: Rise and shine edition, Auburn at Arkansas

No doubt about it this week -
UA 48
A 20

The good guys win this week. We are at home and the refs will give us a few no-calls as makeup for last year. Besides, we are seen nationally as a darling, feel good story. No longer a bottom feeder. Our defense comes out from hiding enough to slow down the Tiggers. Our offense will take a step back, but not enough to matter.

Hogs 31 vs AU 20

I do not share your confidence. What makes you say that?

Just a hunch. Maybe just wishful thinking. My thought is that was such a gaffe that was widely shown that we might get a little “home cooking” this year.

Jason Autrey and crew - same as from Auburn last year - called the Ark/Georgia game and threw lots of flags. No let up from that crew. Don’t want to see that bunch again.

[quote=“generalhog, post:20, topic:45922”] I
told a friend of mine, if the officials make 1 and I mean just one bad call that determines points in this game against Arkansas, the stadium will riot because of last year.

SEC refs are not afraid of Arkansas or her fans - now Bama and Auburn- looking at the news says they should be afraid of them

Wish I was as confident as some of you. Nix is a very good scrambler and I fear will give us fits. In spite of that, the Hogs pull out a close one 24-21.

Hope its the same officiating crew - no way they would screw us again

BTW - Hogs 34 Cheaters 17

Razorbacks. 38
Auburn. 24

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See “Curles, Mark”

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28-24 Hogs

UA 29
AU 28

Georgia pummels the tigers on both sides of the ball…hogs win another thriller…

Tank Bigsby goes for 100 and two TDs against a defense configured to stop him, but KJ & Co. won’t be denied when it counts. Hogs 31, Tigers 24.

AUB 30 AR 17

They scored on GA

I scored last night, it doesn’t mean I can score with any woman I want(I’m married by the way) :laughing:


:joy: :rofl: :laughing:

Our big QB (which we didn’t have to pay $160,000 for) will make them hurt in the air and on the ground.
Hogs 27 - Dead Trees 21

I think the home field advantage helps us get by AU… I think it’ll be close and fairly low scoring so…
Us 27
Them 21

Hogs 37 Allbarn 24