Score Prediction Thread: Rise and shine edition, Auburn at Arkansas

To quote Lou Holtz: We win. 31-13.

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I listened to Clint Stoerner this morning on the radio. He thinks Bo Nix is nowhere near the QB Corral is although he thinks the AU defense is better than OM’s. Overall, he thinks we’ll win. Even though he’s one of us, I think he’s a pretty straightforward analyst.

I’ll go with it & my own heart & say:

Hogs 34
AU 21

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I think we end up in another game of offense, but we win this one outright in the backend of the 4th quarter.

Arkansas: 42
Auburn: 38

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Even after the Texass game, I had this down as a Loss. Not any more.

Hogs 37
Plainsmen 17

By the way, major discussion last week as to if the Ole Miss game was a “must win” game. I said NO. I am not saying this weeks game is a “must win” but it is much much closer to being a “must win” game. We need this one, real bad!

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Our defense comes out spitting fire and puts last week’s defensive debacle in their rear view mirror.

Hogs 38
Aub 17


I think this is a win, especially at home with our fans trying to help our team.

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Our super seniors on defense refuse to allow the defense to be the laughing stock for another game and gather 3 turnovers. 2 interceptions and a fumble recovery.
Jefferson and Burkes get to balling and score a combined 4 touchdowns.

Arkansas 55
Auburn 24

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With 7 seconds left on the clock, KJ properly spikes the ball forward to set up a 39 yard field goal. Hogs win, 30-28. Ah revenge. Sweet, sweet revenge!

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After last years screwing I believe our fans and team will come out with fire in their eyes. We win big.

Hogs 48
AU. 14


Daughter says she wants a new beaux

I nixed the idea

Heart Burners on the Plains of love (toilet paper for the tears)

Hogs 32
:peace_symbol: Eagles 12


I dont have the history of all of you on this forum just the last 4 years including last year at Auburn. I see Hogs really pumped at home and pounding the Auburn with the win. Similar atmosphere of payback of with UT.

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Ole Miss had our game circled for a year

Arkansas has had our game date with Auburn circled for a year

Home field and fans ready to celebrate a big win

Defense returns to form with a couple of interceptions and gang tackling

Ar. 38
Aub. 13


Arkansas 70
Auburn 0

Jefferson on the victor formation runs towards Nix on the sideline and spikes the ball backwards towards him.


Oh how I’ve missed our defense, but I’m believing they show up ready come Saturday! Hogs 31 - Auburn 24


Hoping for the Ark offense that was at ole Miss and the Ark defense that throttled Texas (spit)

The crowd confuses the Auburn offense and Auburn’s protecting angels in the SEC refs

Ark 37
Cash bag guys 24


they will keep us just enough off balance with their offense, bixby ends up with 150+. defensive scheme has holes and we are wore down and beat up.

Auburn 27

good guys 24

i saw this last year, as the year wonte on our defense got worse. time for 4 man front and blitz a lot.

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We go for 2 and don’t make. Ark 27 AU 6

Razorbacks win 31-20. The defense does a better job of wrapping up on their tackling. I’m hoping Catalon’s injury allows him to start hitting again when a safety is needed to clean up a run or reception in his area.

Which pro-Auburn refs will be calling the game? That would influence my prediction.

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I told a friend of mine, if the officials make 1 and I mean just one bad call that determines points in this game against Arkansas, the stadium will riot because of last year.

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