Score Prediction Thread, Ring Liberty's Bell edition: Liberty at Arkansas

I would expect an excellent gameplan from Liberty’s offense, which is always scary with our defensive struggles. But I also think our offense has things figured out. Run the ball, keep Hugh’s offense off the field, and we win going away, ala the BYU game: Arkansas 49, Liberty 27.

Hogs 37

Liberty 31

Hogs 37
Liberty 17

38-24 good guys

Still a long ways from sold on our defense, but feel a little better. Probably just enough speed to slow them down and let our offense do their same. Will be no room for turnovers.

How about:

Hogs 51
Bells 28

Over/under at 64.5, and Hogs -13.5, so Vegas is expecting lots of scoring.

Hogs - 41
Liberty 24

Hogs 56
Liberty and Bucky 17

I really hope we get see the young players get plenty of reps in this game. It is important to avoid looking past this game.
Ole Miss
Both coming to the hill our hogs need to catch some lightning in a bottle on defense in November! The Missouri defense won’t be a push over either. The real question remain how many of these games can our hogs win?
I hope all of them.

Same as Auburn score. Hogs 41-27

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Think they score 30 on our defense. Just need to score 31 or more to win.

Offense continues it’s upward progression on the ground and through the air making the game against LSU a top 25 matchup on CBS at 11 am (%$#$%).

Hogs 52 - 30

Hogs 48-34

Hogs. 38

Flaming Fallwellians 28

Hogs - 48
Liberty - 24

I think I will reuse last week’s since we did not come out as I had envisioned. 59 - 24

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Hogs 33-27.

Hogs 52
Liberty 21

Liberty 116
AR 3.

Liberty gets in Top 10 and has chance at playoffs.

Or Liberty actually sucks and we win by 30

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Hogs blow them out in first half.They know they must get their rest because they have to play at 11am the next week!

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We score a bunch but Liberty will score to with HF at the helm, but not enough.

Hogs 48
Liberty Bells 30

Ringing the bell often to a 44-21 win

Lemu Emu and Doug will be scrappy. But the Hawks should pull away. Liberty, Liberty, Liberty-21,Hawgs-35.

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