Score Prediction thread: Rice vs. Arkansas

It’s game week! There was a day when a game with a team like Rice wouldn’t strike fear into the hearts of Hog fans. But during the Chad Morris era, every team made our knees knock. I feel pretty good about this game, but I haven’t quite recovered from the shock of Colorado State, North Texas, etc. So, Rice hangs in for a while, makes us all nervous, but we finally but them away in the second half. 34-21.

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Arkansas 33

Rice 23

Hogs 38

Rice 17

Start slow but wear them down and pick up a couple of turnovers in the second half for scores.

The boys are ready to roll and the excitement for Texas reaches a crescendo after a whooping of Rice.

45-14 Hogs

Ark 23 Rice 17

Close game… fairly vanilla… still working out the kinks.

Hogs roll 34 to 7. Defense creates havoc and small hits 2 FG.

Hogs Win!


30-16 Hogs.

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31-21 hogs win.

Interesting. So far, in this thread, based on the scores posted, 5 would bet Rice and 4 would bet the Hogs based on the Vegas spread of -19.5.

I’ll make it 5-5. 31-10, Hogs

It’s now also 5-5 for betting the over/under number of 51.5

33 - 13 Hogs
tip the spread in favor of the Hogs.

Pork fry rice chop chop. Egg roll Owls by 7 TDs. A real take out.

Hog fans hopped up on sooie sauce hungry again for more.


Hogs go wild. Defense scores two TD’s (Catalon Pick six and scoop and score by Bumper Pool…)

Hogs 38
Owls 6

We don’t beat the spread, but we win 34-17…

Hogs defense will blank the Owls in the first half. Offense slow in 1Q, but picks up steam by the half. All Hogs all the way. Hogs 13-0 at the half, but come out on fire and torch the Owls in Q3 with 3 touchdowns. Defense falters and let’s Owls on the board with 2 FGs. Final- Hogs 44, Owls 6.

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Me likes this

41-10 good guys

KJ and the offense unleash the real Briles O. D is solid.

Hogs 45-21

Hogs 35. Owlettes 17.

31-14 Hogs