Score Prediction thread: Return to TCU ...

I’ll start: TCU 38, Arkansas 28.

Both teams got wake up calls last week. I just think the Frogs have better players at the moment. After watching them stumble around the SWC for years, that’s a hard thing to say …

My heart so badly wants to pick us, but I’ll be cautious, hope I’m wrong, & pick TCU 35-31. (And by “wrong” I don’t mean my close game prediction is wrong because its a TCU blowout. I really don’t think that’s likely, but still…)

I think Arkansas may have played against a better defense in the first game. If the Razorbacks establish the run and force some turnovers, I like their chances to wear down TCU’s defense in the second half and win a high-scoring game.

Arkansas 48, TCU 42

35-17 frogs

I’m afraid this D can’t figure out much less stop a team the spreads the field…

The O can’t match the pace or the point total

Hope I’m dead wrong

TCU 45 Arkansas 31

The Hogs are gonna have to show me they can stop a spread team. I will believe it when I see it. Last year we had a superb offensive football team that could score with anybody…this year I think we will not be nearly as effective in scoring as last year. The secondary defense looks as clueless as last year, so far. If the defense can hang tougher against the spread this year, it would give our offense some time to jell.

I wish we would put Williams, Whaley and Hammonds at tailback and let them battle it out. They should share the carries. By midseason, we would have a formidable running game.

Hogs 42-31. A late 7 minute TD drive, clinching the win.

Hogs 48-28

They will move the ball but have 3 turnovers mostly caused by relentless pressure on the quarterback. We will barrel over them with running game and then beat them over the top. Close first qtr, up by 17 at half, back and forth 2nd half. On to Texas State and A-n-M with renewed confidence and identity.

[size=150] TCU 37 Arkansas 27[/size]

Loyd, I know my score is very close to yours . . . but I swear that I made it before coming to this board and looking for the “predict the score” thread.

I will cite two reasons for the loss. First is the obvious lack of bodies in the defensive secondary. We entered the pre-season with good talent and experience in our front line players back there, but questionable depth (which is by Tutt’s late arrival was so important). But now, we’ve lost 3 people from that group (Dean is supposed to be coming back) and the timing couldn’t be worse, with the type of offense TCU will play. I see us getting burned for a couple of relatively easy TD’s over the top.

Plus, their hurry up tempo will lead to us having to use more players on defense than we had to with only 54 snaps vs. La Tech, so I expect our inexperienced (but talented!) linebacking core to expose us to some costly pass plays where the LB should be covering, but busts a coverage.

Meanwhile, I do look for continued improvement from our offense, and we ought to be able to run effectively vs. TCU. Our best chance to win this game is to wear the TCU defense down so we control the ball for 36-38 minutes of the game and barely outscore them. I’m just afraid our defensive limitations will be the deciding factor.

We were a good road team at the end of last year.

If we return to basics and run the ball and control the clock somewhat, we should have a chance in a tight game.

For some reason I think this game is bigger for TCU and their home field record is very good.

TCU 38
AR 34

Our defense is still not able to defend spread teams and TCU can sling it. I am afraid that we will get beat deep at least a couple of times. LA Tech beat us deep but the passes were not on target.

TCU 49
Hogs 35

Hogs 34, Frogs of Slime 31. That Dakota team had 200 plus rushing yards at half against TCU. This is not the typical TCU defense of the last few years. I’m hoping our O-line grows up just a little from last week and we pound their brains out. There was a lot more run plays called against LA Tech but AA changed the play to a pass too much for my liking. Hopefully he stays in the moment and learns from the mistakes. Our D needs to get a few turnovers but should against Spill Hill.


Like everyone else, hope I’m wrong, but I didn’t see anything from our secondary last week that would lead me to believe we will be able to cover TCU’s top three receivers. I think our running game can keep Kenny Hill & Company on the sideline for awhile, but I think the Frogs eventually pull away for a comfortable 14-point win.

Hogs 35 TCU 27

TCU 31 Hogs 24. Our ball control strategy will keep us in it, but as many of you have said, our secondary will get beat again. Hill may not be a great QB, but he has experience and maturity. I would love for our front four to smack and sack to prove me wrong about the score…

We can run the ball on them. Their defense is not built to stop the run nor are they accustomed to an I formation or Pro set offense with TE’s. Their run D sucks based on last year’s defense and last week’s performance. We can pass on their secondary, and that was evident from SDSU game. I also think we have an advantage beyond their green secondary, because they also are not used to play action. Our Oline will be much better if we run the ball more. The run will open up the pass against an already questionable TCU secondary. I think we will shine in the red zone so I think each score will be TDs.

Our offense can be very effective against their defense and sustain long drives to chew up the clock. TCU had 15 possessions last week against SDSU. SDSU was a fast strike team with no drive over 4:12 minutes and TCU had no drive over 3:35 minutes. TCU scored on 9 of 15 possessions. We should be able to limit TCU to 8-10 drives, and keep them from scoring on half of them. I say TCU scores 31 points.

Our defense was beat up bad by the fans but I think LaTech was a tougher draw than most of us know. Hill can scramble away from our pressure, so that worries me about our pressure package. Sure we will have some breakdowns so I think that leads to 5 scores and 31 points. I’m counting on our physical front 4 creating pressure on Murray and shutting down their run game. I think our secondary played better than some of you know against LaTech, so I think we will do fairly decent against TCU. We are thin in the secondary so I would think we will play a lot of contain to reduce fatigue. TCU will not move the ball very well in the red zone and short yardage. If Hill gets insanely hot and AA is not then all bets are off.

Hogs 42 Frogs 31

TCU 35
Ark 17

No shame in losing to a good team that is well coached. Given our propensity to improve throughout the year it would be different if the game were played in late October.

TCU 48 AR 17

This will be the game that CBB and staff realize we need to recruit DB’s.

TCU 45 Hogs 35

TCU 38, Arkansas 27

That was my prediction in the magazine. I’ll stick with it but wouldn’t be surprised if both teams scored another touchdown.

I think they already know that . . .