Score Prediction Thread, Return to College Station edition: Arkansas @ Texas A&M

I think we put up a valiant fight, but in the end get gigged by a slightly better team. Fightin’ Farmers 31, Hogs 27.

Tam 33-20 Great OL and power run team will be tough for us to stop. Hope I’m wrong but we are giving up 178 yards a game and over 4 yards a carry I think the Aggies will try to run it till we stop it.

It would be fitting that this game goes to a second OT

Hogs get their first win in the series since 2011

Catalon and Hudson Clark each get a pick and one of those goes for six

Ar 37
TAM 34

Razorbacks 31 and TAM 30. Hogs finally break the losing streak vs. TAM.

Thus far, our high score is 33 points, at home. Ole Miss is far from a top defensive team; A&M is. I can’t envision this outcome, without 3 OTs…although I’d sure like it.

Hogs 28-14

31-28 Arkansas

Scoring through 4 games: A&M - 120 / opponents - 116. IMO, it’s a bit of a stretch to call them a top defensive team. Yes, they played Bama and FL, but, they also played Vandy and MS St, the 2 lowest scoring teams in the SEC. They played well against a good Florida team and beat them, but still gave up 38.

I have predicted scores twice now. I have picked our opponents both times and been wrong both times. So, with that said… TAMU wins this one 31-28. Our offense isn’t hitting on all cylinders yet, Special teams hasn’t played a complete game yet, and we are a little undersized to stop their big OL and RB. Mond decides to run again and we wear down at the end.

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We have played them close with worse coaching in the past.
Ar - 27
aTm - 24

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Hogs 35 - A&M 24

I go with a lot of what I have read above. We have yet to really stop a strong running game. Auburn and GA ran pretty much at will. I see something similar this game. We will fight hard, but ware down.

aTm - 38
Hogs - 17

Porkers 38, Aggies 27. Special teams get with the program this week.

We win.

Number of female cheerleaders:

Arkansas: Many

A&M: None



Remember the old SWC days…??

Vegas says:
Aggies 33.75
Hogs 21.75
Total Points = 55.5

Hogs cover but come up short in OT.
A&M 34
Hogs 27

Agree w colorado. Big, experienced offensive line and good running back behind them. I didn’t think Georgia ran at will against us but auburn did. Need all hands on deck. Hope Gerald can play but he’s hurt 90% of his time at Arkansas. Mond can throw it too. Not a one dimensional team like ole miss and msu.

Aggies. 24
Hogs. 17

Statement win:

Arkansas 42
A&M 26

Well I’m a Hog fan!
Hogs 35
Aggies 14.
Jim Bo blows a gasket when the refs put the screws to Aggies in the replay both.

Covid - 4,126… home team crowd - 91,357.

Hogs - 24
Aggra-vation - 21

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