Score Prediction Thread: Ole Miss vs. Arkansas

High scoring game. Hogs get paid off for not quitting and working hard.

Arkansas 45, Ole Miss 34.

Ark 38-34

Close game, Ole Miss 31 Hogs 17

77-14 Arkansas

Yeah, I said it!

If you are right, I want you to go to a casino with me.

Razorbacks 52

Black Bear Rebel Land Sharks - 21

Ark 31-27

AR 38
OM 24

one of my favorite scores, the Tennessee revenge game.


35 - 31 Hogs

Happily, the good guys come out on top in this slugfest, 47-42.

Ark 37

OM 36

another last second FG clinches the win…
with an attendance of 47k…

Hogs 49
Ole Miss 45

And we then beat Tulsa and Vandy…and head into the LSU game 4-5…and with internal momentum. Aka…no one nationally will be taking note…but our kids will actually be confident heading into the LSU game.

I still say 6-6 is out there…

Rebel Bears 45,
Good Guys 38.


Hogs - 45
OM - 31

We are up by two with seconds to play and ole missy is lined up for a short field goal to win. They snap the ball and hit the FG but we get a timeout called to nullify… the second one misses and now War Memorial Stadium can RIP.

Hate to say it - and I’m ON the Chad bandwagon - but my (ample) gut tells me . . . .

Ole Miss 39 Arkansas 27

I just don’t think our offense is as improved as most here seem to.

Improved? Yes. But there are still problems/inconsistencies, and it a game like this - where Ole Miss’ WR will most likely wear our secondary out - we need to match them score for score. I don’t believe we will.

It will be the failure of our offense, not the “good play” of their defense that will be our demise in this one. Stupid penalties and sacks killing drives, dropped passes, and turnovers. Sunday, we will be moaning about points left on the table that we “should have” scored.

Hogs 45 - OM 34, we rush for 180 and Storey throws for over 300 and all the talk will be about needing a QB with a stronger arm,as it’s seems criticism comes easier than praise even after first Sec win. WPS

Hogs win a shootout with 55 yard field goal with 7 seconds to go

Hogs 45
Ole Miss 42

Rakeem goes wild with over 180 yards and 2 tds

Hogs offense with over 550 yards in total offense

Defense forces 3 turnovers

This is the perfect tipping point game. Hog defense will be living in the OM backfield as Chavis blitzes every down. OM receivers have the advantage as long as the QB can get the ball to them but he won’t be able to do that in this game. Big win for the Hogs and hope returns to the state. Hogs win 42-27.