Score Prediction thread: North Texas State vs. Arkansas

Last week I predicted a close game with Arkansas on top by one score. I got it half right.

This week: Marked improvement all around for being at home vs. the best of the three teams we’ve played so far.

Close again. Home field helps. We win, 38-35.

I honestly do not know…

41-27… NTexas

We may have to score a gazillion points to win.
52 - 42 Hogs


45-42 hogs

51-38 UNT

Arkansas wins 50 - 13

Admire your optimism, but expect they’ll be at 13 before the beginning of the 2nd Q.

41-35, UNT

North Texas State does not exist. It’s the University of North Texas. NTSU went away in 1988.

Arkansas 45-31

We get 2 INTs and at least one fumble.

6-3 NTX. Predetermined RPO executes like a machine! 600 rushing yards, dominate time of possession, defenses is fresh as it plays 6 minutes. A real slobber knocker! Defensive battle because the score is low.

To me, it will always be North Texas State. The first Razorback game I ever attended was against NTSU in Fayetteville on a rainy Saturday afternoon in October 1971. It had to be in the afternoon because there were no lights then. Final score was 60-21.

I didn’t see a Razorback game in person again until fall of my freshman year, 1979. I’ve missed maybe 10 NWA home games since then.

I will not venture a score but hope of course we win but fear we will not.

Hogs 55
N. Texas - 24

Ark 38-28

Arkansas will win Saturday against North Texas State

close but I think we hold on to win at home…
Hogs 35 - 31

UNT 42 AR 33