Score Prediction Thread, Morning Tide edition: Alabama at Arkansas

Alabama is the most complete team in the country. Probably a touchdown better than any other college team, and perhaps that much better than my beloved but pitiful Dallas Cowboys. It will be a blow out, but I am hoping for tenacious, relentless effort from our team. Alabama 56, Arkansas 24.

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Tide. 48

Hogs. 24

Saban rests starter after halftime

A whole bunch to no bunch.

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They’ll rest their starters after the first series of the second half. 49-14…

My Prediction is PAIN!

My hope is Arkansas finds something and raises up and surprises Bama

Would love for our Hogs to paste a Loss on Bama and screw the SEC -

Otherwise - I just predict pain

outside of a Miracle Bama 50+ Arkansas 14

Vegas has Bama at the moment 31+ over Arkansas

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I don’t feel like there’s any team in college football with more heart than the players and staff of our Razorbacks, but it will not be enough to get us a win this weekend. I do like our future chances of competing with the top schools down the road as we have seen what our coaches have been able to do for our program in such a very short time, it’s been nothing short of amazing. This team has played better than our record shows many times while undermanned due to injuries and COVID and very poor refereeing at times. Anyone expecting the Hogs to win this weekend is making a prediction with their heart and emotions which is okay, regardless of the score this weekend I honestly have enjoyed watching this team more than I can say and I will remember this team as the ones who laid a new foundation from which the Razorbacks program will use as a springboard to future greatness !! My hats off to all the great young men on this team as you have made this old man swell with pride now and for years to come with your heart and effort. Riddled with injuries I have no score prediction, but I bet we show up and give 100%. !!! WPS


Absolutely hogbacker!!! This is one of my favorite Hog teams of all time, and I attended my first game in 1961. This team is so much fun to root for because of the effort, no matter what happens this weekend.

Okay, I predict we are only down 14 at the half.

Then, it slowly unravels because we just don’t have the depth.

We lose 52-20, but it feels a lot closer for almost three quarters.

42-41 Arkansas


PLEASE LET IT BE SO!!! What a great Memory that would be

Bama 60
Ark 33

Ark—flurry of points late in the second half.

Alabama has eight possessions in the first half and scores on six of them. 42-10 at the break

Tide starters go out midway through third quarter, with score 56-17.

Final 63-24.

Amen Hogbacker!

Not this week.

Bama - As many as they want averaging less than 1.5 min. per possession to score TDs.

Ark - Probably get lose for a TD or a missed/blocked FG and then a late TD when Sabin puts his managers and coaches in fpr a 9 pt total.

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I refuse to predict a score. All I know is it will be ugly.

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Bama 52
Hogs 24

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No Grant Morgan.

Bama 52
Hogs 22

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Bama 48
Ark 17

Surprisingly close for the first 25 minutes of the game…then the floodgates open.


Bama 56 Hogs 13
Prediction includes a blocked extra point and a missed FG.

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Hate to say it, but I’m just hoping we have no injuries. I’d like to look respectable. Keeping the loss to less than 3 TD’s. With that hope, I’ll predict with my heart more than my head.

Bama 45,
Hogs 28

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Good day to just do house chores.

Bama - whole lot of points.
Hogs - some points.

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