Score prediction thread: Mississippi State vs. Arkansas

Don’t see many ways Arkansas can win this game. I expect it to be competitive — for a while.

MSU 38. Arkansas 21.

MSU - 46

HOGS- 14

Essentially down to 3rd QB

MSU 38
Hogs 6

Hogs 42
Dogs 31

State 52
Hogs 10



MSU got pounded by Auburn 49-10 and Georgia 31-3. They are certainly not world beaters. They are 3-3 in the SEC. We will give them a game, but they get us, I think.

Arkansas 24
MSU Maroons 38

Lil Doggies 49

Hogs 10


I have been wrong most of the season but will try one more time.

At some point it will kick in for me

Hogs need this to keep bowl hopes alive and plays as hard as they have in the past two years.

MS St will have an Alabama hangover for 2 or 3 quarters before waking up.

Hogs 30
Ms St 27

Limpert does it again for the second time this year with last minute field goal to seal the win. TJ Hammonds goes over 130 yards as the running back Coach and Coach B figures out he can really run if he gets 15 or more touches and actually gets into the flow of the game…

The Bulldogs come in beat up by Bama. Austin Allen has his best game since 2016.

Hogs - 43

Bulldogs - 17

Hogs 28- Miss st- 17- The bama game was just to much for state

the most simplistic and most likely to be correct predictor is based on only 2 elements:

DL= huge advantage MSU with no suggestion about our OL acquiring miraculous ability to counter (we still struggle for effort and scheme)
QB= even more huge advantage MSU

intangibles, home field et al., still comes down to a big Bulldog victory

MSU 31
AR 9 we can now celebrate the kicking success that BB threw under the bus long ago

Hogs 24
Dogs 21

We are due a big upset.

63 dogs
12 hogs

Hogs 36

Dogs 32

Pro-BB crowd hanging by a thread…

Attendance 65k

They blitz us all morning. Allen isn’t healthy and they will crush story. That’s the good news. Defense has more holes than Swiss cheese. Only thing going in our favor is they might be emotionally spent from Bama game,. We need 3 turnovers to even make this one close. Miss State 44. Poor hogs 13

These have been shootouts the last few years. I’m going with the Hogs.

Hogs 45
Dogs 41

The good news? We’re at home. The bad news? The stadium may be half full.
The good news? Miss State played an emotional game against Bama last week. The bad news? They get to play a very poor Arkansas team this week.
The good news? Coach B says, “We’re close.” The bad news? Uh, we’re NOT close.
The good news? Just two games left to play this season. The bad news? #16 Miss State is one of them…