Score Prediction Thread: Mississippi State at Arkansas

Trick or Treat …

Ark 37
Hail St 36

The Hawgs find a way, finally, to win! 27-24…

Miss St 27 - Hogs 17, It would be great to have to eat crow on this one. WPS

I’m ordering drinks for Club W now!

MSU 28
Ark 17

JSJ drives the Hogs 98 yards in the closing seconds for potential winning score. Hogs call timeout sub new QB. He fumbles the snap and Mississippi State holds on for a 4 point win

LOL…why can I actually see this happening

Well, I’m putting on my rose colored glasses. Now I see JSJ playing well in this game both in the passing game and with his legs. I see the O line struggling against MSU defensive line but JSJ making quick decisions and managing to move the sticks. O’Grady and the receivers are going to help JSJ. Arkansas 31 - MSU 28

Just because something quite close to that has already happened twice this year, doesn’t mean it’s going to happen again. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Until I see Arkansas NOT making mistakes that should have stopped at game 2 I will go against them unfortunately! State 42-14.

Ark 35
MSU 28

That’s if Jones takes the majority of meaningful snaps. Otherwise, I dunno.

Naw chog, not to belittle your math, but the score should actually be MSU 32 3/4 to the Hogs 25 1/4.:grin:

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