Score Prediction Thread: Mississippi State at Arkansas

Both teams are struggling. Winner will the be team whose coaching staff and players want it more.

With rose-colored glasses: Arkansas 23, MSU 20.

3-2 toss up.

28-7 Bulldogs. Mobile QBs have way with Hogs.

We could not stop Kentucky’s running quarterback. MSU has a solid running quarterback and one of the top tailbacks in the SEC. I believe they will just outscore us. Mississippi State matches up pretty well against us, even though they are not a good football team. Joe Moorhead is their coach and playcaller…he directs their offense.

Arkansas 24
Mississippi State Maroons 31

Arkansas 31
Mistake - 28

I see a fairly low scoring game. I guess we lose 17-10

MSU defense is absolutely decimated in the secondary. Playing a true freshman at QB who is limited in the passing game. Whispers the players have quit on Moorehead.

If this team is ever going to win an SEC game and Morris finally get a P5/SEC win this is it.

MSU 27
Arkansas 23

MSU 34

Arkansas has every reason to win this game as was mentioned in the comments above, but they seem to find ways to loose. this is for the bottom of the SEC and I believe the Hogs will do everything in their poser to hold onto that coveted spot.

MSU - 31 (Hogs defense cannot stop anyone as per usual)

Hogs - 9 (Hogs offense has no idea what a TD is)

Defense will once again make the opposing QB look like an All-American. CCM will go with either Hicks or Starkle instead of Jones. MSU-24, Hogs-10. Calls for CCM’s head continues to grow.

Hogs score late to tie the game only to watch MSU march down field and kick a winning field goal. MSU 31 - Hogs 28

CCM is fired on the spot and football experts from Wholehog Sports Forums take over team and recruiting for the remainder of the year. Hope is restored!!

I predict that Stephen Jones generates enough offense that we score 31 and our defense is not exhausted in the fourth quarter and we hold MSU to 28 and the hogs carry this momentum to beat Western Kentucky and upset Mizzou for a five win season and enough improvement over last year for Chad Morris to have a good recruiting class to add to the good haul last year. The turn around will have officially begun this Saturday. JMVVVVVVVHO.

MSU 31-21. Hogs blow a 21-10 halftime lead, while going scoreless in the 2nd half with 5 consecutive 3 and outs. Hicks starts and plays the entire game and Morris explains that Hicks played so well in the first half he didn’t want to replace him in the 2nd half.

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I think we might win this game. I’ll go 24-18 hogs.

If we lose, it might signal the end for Morris. If we win & follow up with a win against WKU, there’ll be some hope going into the MU game (we all know LSU will kill us). Finish 4-8, Morris gets a reprieve. Finish 5-7 & there’s some optimism again.

Arkansas - 56
Ms State - 3

Ms State fans and players are heard muttering after the game “We needed more cowbell”

After the game, the entire Ms State spirit squad announces they are transferring to Arkansas and are entering the transfer portal immediately. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your perspective, they all have sick relatives near Fayetteville and are declared immediately eligible by the NCAA.

Our recruiting goes through the roof with only 4 and 5 star players coming aboard.

Comedy of errors is all i see from us across the board. Until proven otherwise, MSU has a better coaching staff than us. We don’t win, we don’t know how to win. Running qb, enough said. We cannot stop one to date. We need about 10 more Treylon Burkes on the field. Might cover the spread, but until proven otherwise:

MSU 31
Hogs 27

17-14 Arkansas.

Vegas information I found says Bulldogs by 7.5; over/under @ 58.

Mississippi State 33
Hogs 25

Morris knows his coaching days at Arkansas hinge on the outcome of the next two games. Win both and live to see another year…

The breakthrough game finally arrives

Ark 30
Ms St 24

Hogs 28, dogs 24