Score Prediction thread: LSU vs. Arkansas

I couldn’t have been more wrong three weeks ago in picking Arkansas over Auburn. However, last week, I had Hogs, 31, Florida 13. Not bad. The question is, which Loyd shows up this week? This one:

History indicates that LSU plays poorly after losing to Alabama. It also indicates that Arkansas plays well in November. The style matchup is good for the Hogs, but you could also argue that its good for the Tigers, too.

Fournette is the wild card. He’s capable of beating good teams practically on his own. The formula for Arkansas is simple: Load up to stop Fournette, make Etling beat you passing, and count on the LSU defense to fade after two weeks of brutal punishment.

If that happens, Arkansas wins, 28-17. That’s what I think will happen. But, it’s just my opinion; I could be wrong.

27-13 Hogs

I just don’t have a feel for this one. Last week I picked the Hogs but said I wouldn’t be surprised with a Florida blow out win, a Florida close win or a Hog close win, but would be surprised with a Hog blow out. Well, we all know which one happened!

This week I don’t think any of the four options would surprise me. So, sense I really don’t have any feelings, I will go with my heart, and say:

Hogs 31
LSU 17

28-17 Hogs!

Hogs win again.
20 to 17

No way we can match up with that Defense. No way no how. And stop Fournette? Not in this lifetime. Could be worse than Aubrun. I’ll go with LSU 35 Hogs 3.

I think it will be like most all of our SEC West games…exciting and close. They have a better defense and we have a better offense. We are at home so that is worth 5-7 points.

Arkansas 24
LSU. 21

Is this a Wright thing? If not, were you alive last year? Or the year before that?

I said 33-27 last week, and have been saying we would win out after the break for a while. I’ll go with 27-6 this week.

I’ve been completely wrong two games in a row, proving once again that after 50+ years of watching college football, I know nothing.

With that in mind, I’ll say –

Louisiana State 17
Arkansas 20

I can’t even venture a guess. I could see it going anywhere from a lopsided loss to a solid win. I think it’ll be close. Just to play along, though, I’ll say we win 28-24. I have no basis for that prediction at all, just that I want us to win.

I picked Florida last week and we won convincingly. i picked us over auburn and we got routed. So in order to give us a chance and preserve this streak I’m picking LSU 23, Arkansas 17.

Hogs 20
Tigers 13

I never, ever pick against the Hogs. Not if they’re playing the Heavenly Host. LSU has a hurricane of distractions to go along with a maximum effort defeat last week and a lousy QB. I say 21-7 Arkansas. Maybe more if AA has a more typical game. I think we have ironed out our DL/OL issues. That makes all the difference in the world.

Arkansas 24-21

The Auburn game still is a burr under the saddle. But, the performance against the Gators exceeded my expectations. That was a great win.

This is a big game for the Hogs and the Corndogs. Neither team can afford a loss.

I think the Hogs win, 34 - 17.

30-24 hawgs

All seven contributors to Hawgs Illustrated magazine picked Hogs to win. Most usually pick Arkansas, except Harry King. But Harry is also picking Hogs over LSU. Last time that happened was the Auburn game.

31-27 Hogs

Yeah, I’m a believer!

Hogs 31
LSU 10

Orgeron will have them whipped into a frenzy and he will probably get them to see it as a last ditch way to get him the job. If he loses another game and the 3rd in a row to Arkansas, then he can start updating his resume.

I don’t feel good about this game.