Score Prediction thread: LSU at Arkansas

I’ll start. I think LSU will suffer a bit of a 'Bama let down, but it won’t be enough. I think the Tigers run the ball well enough to score some points, and we will have trouble moving the ball. LSU 28, Arkansas 10.

About the same as the last two years I think. We just don’t have the horses on campus yet. Even with the Alabama hangover they have dominated us the last two years.

I just don’t see our offense moving the ball much on them, and I don’t see our defense stopping their running game, which opens up their play action passing game.

Our only hope is getting a few turnovers that might lead to scoring opportunities, a special teams score or interception or fumble return for a TD. Just don’t see it happening.

LSU 34
Arkansas 13

LSU may have little to play for, but we have nothing. It will be ugly to say the least.

21-20 Arkansas

Tigers. 27

Hogs. 7



LSU 42
Hogs 10

Would have to play a complete game on both sides of the ball to win. Plus LSU would have to make crucial mistakes. I hate it, but this will be no contest. LSU 38-13…

30 - 21 LSU,
We score early but not enough.
If we couldn’t score late in the game against Ole Miss & Vandy when we needed to, I don’t see it happening against a superior defense.

LSU 38
Hogs 24

LSU - 31
Hogs - 10

We haven’t shown much fight this year…we never seem to be fired up when we come on the field. I don’t know why. We could make it interesting for a half if we are ready to play.

Arkansas 17
LSU 31

Hogs 31

LSU 30

Limpert hits a FG to win.

17-0 Hogs

LSU 34, Ark 13.

But at least Limpert hits two longish field goals before better talent wins out.

27-24 hogs

Hogs 24 - Lsu 17, If Hogs win turnover stat if not Lsu in a rout. WPS

I think this sounds about right - just too many great atheletes and we have Ramirez at the back end of our defense afraid to tackle someone

The only chance is freezing temperature and LSU simply sont want to play in the cold. Otherwise is won’t predict against the hogs.

Looks like you will get the freezing temps. Right now, they are calling for 35 degrees at kick-off. We need to make sure the electrical hook-ups malfunction on their sideline. No heaters, no warmers.

24-21 Hogs. 3 fumbles by LSU RBs on bone-charring hits from Santos, who runs one back for a 40 yard TD.