Score prediction thread: Let's get started ...

Arkansas 41, La. Tech 17.

Skip Holtz tells funny stories during the post game press conference. CBB says “Woo Pig” at the end of his remarks. Some fans complain we didn’t beat them by enough. No matter how well Austin Allen does, someone will suggest one of the other quarterbacks would have done better.

You’re correct someone will complain we didn’t beat them by enough:

AR 28 LT 17

Arkansas - 23
La. Tech - 20

I think your score is more realistic than any runaway score. And frankly, any win is fine. But I do not see La. Tech as a weak opponent.

Hogs 38

LA Tech 17

Looking for the Hogs defense to help the offense out in the scoring column in this game.

2-0 forfeit.

LaTech players see all the guacamole stains on CBB’s windbreaker and refuse to come out on the field.

Actually a forfeit is a 1-0 score in college ball.

La tech wins by 3. Hate to say it.

34 - 13 Hogs.
Defense and Special Teams get a TD each.

All of the pundits and “experts” I have heard weigh in on the proficiency of La. Tech have been highly complimentary of their promising bid for excellence for this season. If - I say IF - one couples the high probability of a very strong La. Tech showing with the three year standing marked tendency for the Hogs to stall in getting up to speed during the first portion of the season’s schedule, this first game right out of the gate could be problematic for us. That’s not nay saying; that’s just being realistic. I pray that I may prove to be pleasantly surprised.

34-20 Hogs
-If I were LaTech, I would throw exotic def alignments at Austin Allen to slow down his progressions, and to confuse our green Oline.
-Our new Off players will probably be nervous so it may take a while to get in a rhythm.
-The LaTech WRs are VERY good, so this is a bad first game for guys playing press coverage with little experience.
-We could be behind at the Half.
-Our Dline gets after their QB after the Corners settle down in press coverage/no cushion at the snap.
-Our Oline talent rises beyond their front 7 talent after the butterflies are gone.

I was concerned you would call for the Hogs to win.

Hogs, 55-14

If you have the talent and decent coaching, why would you be behind at halftime? It’s called being prepared to play.

Louisiana Tech 17 Arkansas 27

We have no idea what LaTech will throw at us since we have no film/this is the first game. We will have the talent and good coaching, but we will also have a new Oline trying to mesh and a new QB. It is likely that we will have a few mistakes, but they may be very small mistakes…or big blunders.

I was not attacking you, but you are right, we need to ready for this game as it could be a hurdle more than some think.

Don’t know what Karl Malone has anything to do with anything ---- and he was a jackass in high school BB by the way ---- Arkansas 31 - 14.

Hogs 45
Bulldogs 20

Arkansas 31 La Tech 17.