Score Prediction Thread, Joy in the Morning Edition, LSU at Arkansas

Hogs. 31
Paper Tigers 21

I like that Ed Mumbles, that’s about right

Being favored and LSU having three weeks to prepare makes me nervous. However, some things have me thinking LSU is heading in the same direction we were after we lost key assistants like Coach Sam and Charlie Partridge. First time I saw Finley play I was wowed by his abilities and potential. The second game he looked almost lost. Sounds like us the last two years. We have the much more experienced SEC QB. And the DC may be past his prime–sound familiar? The three weeks to prepare might be good for Finley, but might also be a blessing for us in that we are more veteran than they are and haven’t had to come out of fighting mode. Key is finding a replacement for D. Warren–if Trey Knox doesn’t finally come out of his slump, maybe D. Turner will make a name for himself in this game. Hogs 42-30.

Now that we know we’re playing, bad weather is coming into the picture. Noon tomorrow has a 50% chance of showers / thunderstorms. Hmmm, still doesn’t change my prediction.

LSU 28
UA 34

I actually think I’m more nervous about this game than any of the previous ones. A victory here would really mean a lot to the program right now. I’m not saying that a loss would tank us, but it would probably sting more now than in previous years.

I think the game is going to be ugly—and not in a good, gritty way.

Us: 23
Them: 20

IF the vegas line has us +1.5 I’m curious to find out what it started out at. Any info anyone?

The earliest line that I saw was for Arkansas to win by 2 1/2.

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