Score Prediction Thread, Joy in the Morning Edition, LSU at Arkansas

I see this game a little like the Tennessee game a couple of weeks ago. They may have more talent, but these are programs moving in the opposite direction. Arkansas plays with passion, even when down four scores. LSU, at least so far this year, is going through the motions.

Going out on a limb: Hogs work out some frustrations at the expense of the Tigers, 34-13.

I have not watched an LSU game this year, so this is even a bigger guess than usual.

Arkansas 31
LSU 28

We play as a team and give a nice effort every week. LSU does not do this, usually, when things are not going well.

I’m afraid to predict. Superstition goes against everything I know to be true. It’s totally bogus. But try as I might, I can’t help but think I jinx the team when I do certain things. This year, I’m afraid if I pick them, it’ll mean we lose. So going with silly superstition over intellect, I’ll say LSU 31-24.

Hogs - 31
Kittens - 21

If you had told me a few months ago I would be picking us to beat LSU, I would have told you you were crazy.

Go Hogs!

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Hogs. 42
Tiger kitties. 31

Just our luck LSU finally puts it all together and plays lights out. It’s close to the end but thanks to late LSU TO we squeak it out.
Hogs - 28
Tiggers - 27

If we play up to our talent and they play up to their talent, we lose.

However, it is LSU. So,

Hogs 38 - 28

Hogs 34
LSU 26

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Sam makes Hogs Believe, and this week that’s half the battle.

UA 28, LSU 20.

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I always worry!
I am banking on the offense looking like it jelled against Florida.
38-28 but I hate that everybody is picking us. I’m sure the SEC analyst’s will all pick LSU. I hope they do.

After last week, Vegas seems a bit perturbed at Hogs:
LSU 33.5
Hogs 32.5

LSU 38
Hogs 29

LSU will study our games with A&M and FL and develop a game plan accordingly. But I don’t think they match up with those teams this year in the Oline or on D. Certainly not at QB. Hogs win 31-24.

Arkansas. 27
LSU. 20

I’m afraid Coach O has had a week off to correct things, and he’s a great motivator. so I think the tiggers will give good effort.

However, our offense is waking up. And the tiggers have a true frosh QB. And our advantage in defensive coordinators is HUGE.

Hogs 38, tiggers 24


77-0 Razorbacks!!!

Embarrass LSU. Bunch of stupid gumbo eating, money hungry, drunken girlfriend/woman beaters/rapists, need to be embarrassed.

I said a couple of weeks ago this offense will score twice in 40’s before the season is over.

Time is running out on that prediction, but we pick up one of those against LSU

Ar 41
LSU 34

Razorbacks 31 and Tigers 28. GHG!

Ark. 33
LSU 29

Hogs catching LSU in a lull…

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Really impossible to predict what we will get out of LSU. They have had 3 weeks to prepare. Never had to face that. They have a lot of talent (far more than us), and the players love Coach O. They may even look at this as trying to save him. Therefore, I think we will get their best effort. I believe it hurt us for them not to play Bama last week.

I look for a close, back and forth game.

Hogs - 31
Kittens - 27

Hogs - 34

Coach Ed Mumbles Team - 27