Score Prediction thread: It's a beautiful day in the Razorback Neighborhood edition


Coach Pitt has the boys prepared the hogs open up the passing game to give the Maggies something to think about!!!
Hogs 66
GS 0

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We still have Texas hangover & play a bit flat. We win 35-17

Arkansas - 42

GA Southern - 20

Focus is not where it should be (not surprisingly), and option attack throws off our defense a bit.

Still, we control the game and post a more-difficult-than-expected but never really in trouble win.

What do I know? I picked texass.

I think a slow start with some miscues and some ball control by GA S. Still, they will not be able to stop us and the damn will break in the 3rd qtr. Hope for no injuries and playing time for some of the reserves including QB.

Hogs - 49
GA S -10

Devastating injury in the first half as Boss Hog stubs a hoof and is on some very long crutches. Only bad news of the day. Hogs 55 GS 6

After reading article on CSP unhappy with practice I’m going with GS 6 - Hogs 49. WPS

Ark - 45; GS - 14

Triple option gives our defense a challenge at the start, but Odom makes adjustments.
Ark offense is more balanced with a bit more emphasis upon the pass game, but the run game is still predominant.

Apparently their biggest weakness is pass defense–and their best player there is hurt. D figures out the option after a slight hesitation–they can’t control the clock because our D will control them. KJ proves the Missouri game was not fluke in that he has a passing game to show off. Our three starting WRs get 100 yards apiece. This isn’t the GS team of recent years. Hogs, 61-16.

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A sleeping Burks awakens…Hogs, 38-13.

Our subs get to play quite a bit, and they score a couple of TDs. Hogs 45. GA South 17

Hogs 55-13

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