Score Prediction thread: It's a beautiful day in the Razorback Neighborhood edition

Great day to be a Hog. But, everyday is a great day to be a Hog!
We have a little let-down. But we win, 38-10.

It’s close for a half from our letdown, then we respond

AR 31
GS 17

Hogs 48

GS. 3

Burks goes wild. D creates turnovers.

GSU gave up 541 yards to the mighty Florida Atlantic Former Kiffins. Including 209 on the ground. We might run for 400+ on these guys.


A lot of second and third teamers get work in the second half.
UA 45
GS 7

Hogs win 41-10 and lots of Hog players get in the game. GHG!

Ar 55
GSo 17

KJ rushes for over 150 yards and total offense over 575 yds

We have 3 running backs over 100 yards.
AJ Green and Rocket Sanders show us the future

I think it will be a run fest. No use in passing much if you run the bell well. 40 points is my guess for us. 10 for Ga Southern.

Hogs win 42-11 :grin:

52-10. Hogs show GA SO how the option offense should be run, with 400 yards rushing and 150 passing.

Hogs win! The Hogs defense shows out and out scores GA SO.
Hogs 42
GA SO. 3

Slow start (some let down), only 24-7 at half, kick butt in 3rd quarter, play reserves in 4th. Final score:

Hogs 51
GS 10

Having a flashback to the '81 to game?:wink:

Ark 22
Gsu 6

Hangovers feel bad…

Hogs under Chad Morris would be still flashing horns down at practice on Thursday, and think they could walk through a win vs San Jose State er Ga Southern. Pittman will have them focused, but it will be hard to not have an emotional ebb. That is something else to learn as we roar back to significance.

Hogs 44
GSU 16

Lots of 2nd half “bend but don’t break” and “build depth” keep it from being a wider spread

Hogs 40, GS 10

Hogs 38-17

38-17. triple option is hard to defend, when you see it once a year. their qb is back. no way we can play as well as last week, but our tb’s should have a great time. lets avoid injury and get ready for the aggies!


Slow start, nice 2nd and 3rd Quarters. Hawgs 40-17…