Score Prediction thread, Is this a rivalry game? edition: Arkansas at Missouri

Hope the team doesn’t have that attitude. If they do, suspect they will continue to get their butts kicked up between their shoulder blades.

That’s the great thing about being a fan: we get to do things the players cannot. Sometimes I even dwell on last weekend’s game longer than 24 hours. I wonder if the players take Mizzou more seriously than any other game. Would be interesting to know.

Either way, just out of principle, I’m not participating in the State Farm, Red Bull, Coca Cola, Pennzoil, RazorTiger Racing #5 car Borderline Battleline Rivalry.


Don’t like all the ugly rumors–not just the one about Slusher that looks like it’s true–and don’t like playing there and what I hear about their defense. Still going to have faith that we find a way to win, 28-24. I also don’t like that our only trophy could be logoed with Shelter Insurance, but it beats an empty trophy case (regular season).