Score Prediction Thread, is the sky falling edition: Ole Miss at Arkansas

Who knows?

Heart says defense stays hot and KJ comes back with a vengeance.

Head says …

Forget that. Arkansas 30, Ole Miss 0, just like 2014.

My favorite memory of that game: We ended up an an elevator leaving the stadium with an Ole Miss official, who graciously stepped on and said, “Congratulations on a great win.” We politely thanked him. He added, “We didn’t expect that.” My sister-in-law replied, “Neither did we.”

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If KJ is healthy: Ark 35, OM 28
If KJ can’t play or is obviously unable to play well: OM 35, Ark 18

Looks like a plan!! I will sign on to that one although I would note it will be a significant challenge for Arkansas to score 28 points with KJ not playing or limited by injury. WPS!!!

I still don’t think we’re getting the straight up on the severity of KJ’s injury. I think CSP is saying that stuff to make other teams prepare for him. So I’m going with KJ being out. Ole Miss 42- Hogs 21.

Hope I am horribly wrong!

And again. Bump: Bump…

Looks like KJ will play! I like our chances with KJ and a “Larry” waiting in the wings.

Hogs 28
Rebels, Black Bears, Landsharks, Rebnecks, Flopnecks 13

The D and crowd take over.

Lame Kiffin bolts Oxford.

Old Miss 31

Arkansas 24

I hate those Rebs with a passion, but they have Kifffin and we don’t.

30 - 26 Hogs.
Defense scoops a fumble for a score.
Defense gets a pick 6 for another score.

Defense playing well—offense struggles….


With KJ we win 31-28…

Advantage us


My thoughts changed today. With the news today that KJ, Wagner, and Slusher are playing (all were out last week), I like the Hogs.

If KJ is at least 80% healthy, Hogs 31-28


Indeed, if KJ is 80%, that’s likely healthier than he was against Liberty. Adding Wagner and Slusher is great also. A shot in the arm for our bowl hopes.

This is a very tough game to pick. KJ I think will play but he’s obviously not going to be 100%.

The weather is going to be extremely cold which makes the ball very slick and hard to throw and catch and hold on to.

This is strictly a gut feeling.

Hogs 24-23

Hate ole miss, more than Texas. I’ve watched 3 or 4 of their games this year. They have an awesome rushing attack, good receivers and qb. They will be hard to stop. Can we keep up offensively? Not with the offense I’ve seen lately. Hate it but

Ole miss. 42
Hawgs. 27

Ole Miss rush defense not that great. Dart can make mistakes if we can pressure him and believe we will.

Hogs 41-34

Arkansas: 34

Ole Miss : 27

Lane Kiffin Reaction: Who gives a damn…. do you like my new orange and blue tie?!?


With KJ playing
Hogs 28
Rebels 17

I should pick Ole Miss solely on I can’t figure out what’s going on with our oline and run game. So I’m going to base my prediction on the assumption that oline returns to normal, KJ returns and plays like his old self (or better) and the defense maintains is trajectory. Ole Miss’s defense is better than last year, but at times doesn’t look all that great, altho last week was pretty stout.

Arkansas 27
Ole Misty 20