Score Prediction Thread: Home Sweet Home edition, Mississippi State vs. Arkansas

Favored by 5 in an SEC game. Who’d have thought that even a year ago?

Mississippi State’s offense makes me nervous. I’m sure that’s true of fans of every SEC school not named Georgia. But I like that we had an easy game followed by a week off. I think Arkansas will be ready to make the Pirate walk the plank.

Razorbacks, 34, Buh-Dogs 24

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I don’t see us as a favorite. The offense will need to be on point. Our pass defense is just plain bad…no rush and no coverage. It has been bad since Catalon was not healthy. Home field will need to be big in this one.

Arkansas 38
Mississippi A+M 35

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Avast me hearties. Dogs are going to keelhaul the Hogs and make them walk the plank.
Dogs 52 Hogs 0


Hey that’s not very nice.


I never did like you.

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I see us losing this one… I hope I’m wrong but I see it as a high scoring affair with us coming up short

Hogs 41
Dogs 52

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The Hogs defense has been beyond bad for at least a month and has been watching on most pass plays. they put no pressure on the passer and have tackled very few runners for short gains. They normally look light bull fighters. That is not a good combination playing MSU. Hopefully Odem comes up with something but don’t think he can increase speed, size and quickness in 2 weeks.

The offense should be able to move the ball. Can they score as well? They scored 51 on ole piss. They made a lot of yards against Auburn, but forgot to score. What will they do against MSU?

AR 36
MSU 52

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Arkansas 63
MSU 24

That is all!

48-28 Hogs

MS ST comes in here full of themselves after beating an over-ranked KY team. They get some reality knocked into their heads as the Hogs win handily.

I have no feel whatsoever for this game. I was surprised MSU beat KY as handily as they did. They may be coming together after a slow start. Their QB looks very good. I’m surprised we’re favored.

Still, I think the week off (actually 2 weeks off) has probably helped us heal up. We won’t have Catalon, but maybe everyone else who played in September will be back & healthy. At least we’re at home.

I’ll go with my heart:

Hogs 38
Dogs 31

After watching MSU dismantle Kentucky I saw a change in the way they attack the 3 man front 8 back defense. Was impressed. Our defense started strong yet just like last year they have deteriorated somewhat. No one talks about their defense but it is better than ours.

MSU 27

Good grief. Lots of pessimism for a Hog team that is a legit top 25 team.
We have basically had 3 weeks to rest our players and prep for this game.
We are playing at home and Miss St lost to Memphis and barely beat La Tech by 1. Lost by 40 to a down Alabama team on the road.

This is our bowl game and D Johnson will get those 15 plus carries for the first time this year.

Hogs 38
Miss St 17


Miss State 31
Arkansas 34


KJ and Burks roll

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Arkansas 31
MS Who 27

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I sure like the way your thinking on D. Johnson number of carries, he deserves the reps. We should be healed up some, rested and hungry for the win and a bowl game opportunity. Hogs 34 - Miss St 31, WPS

Ark 43
MSU 41

A last possession game…

Jump on them early, hold on for a 38-31 bowl eligible :trophy:

Hogs win 34-30

Hogs. 34

Miss Steak 31

Don’t know how healthy we really are for this game, but I’ll guess the rest did us good. MSU QB will still pick us apart, but we will out score them 38-34 in a nail biter. WPS!

Super seniors come up big in this one. We win 42-28.