Score Prediction Thread (Holiday Edition): Missouri vs. Arkansas at Little Rock

I believe!

Arkansas 24, Missouri 13.

Missouri 45
AR 7

Bryant enters the Heisman race because of his performance

Mizzou 27
Arkansas 14

Mizzou 38
Hogs 10

Life sucks, then you die. :frowning:

I think we might actually play decent, but we will lose.

Missouri 24 Hogs 14

Porkers 26
Tigers 25

Do you believe in miracles???

Arkansas 27
Mizzou. 24

Mizzou 28
UA 10

Defense simply can’t stop anyone… even Mizzou… Offense can’t sustain drives against anyone, even Mizzou.

How many QB"s will see the field in this game? Can we top the current record of 3?

Missouri 38
Hogs 15

That’s fairly close to the over/under of 53.5; but nowhere near the line of 12 that I found.

Hogs 21 - Mizzou 20, Boyd and Whaley run big, WPS

The 3 years of football misery is over

We are down 24-0 at halftime, but come back to win 27-24

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While I don’t think we could recover from a 24-0 deficit, I think we could still win by the same score without a major comeback.
Hogs - 27
Mizzu - 24

Blowing kisses to KB afterward.

Hogs 28
tiggers 24

Lindsey becomes folk hero


Once again, too many mistakes and no effective defensive scheme from Chavis. Hogs compete, but in the end cannot stop Missouri. Hogs also have limited offense with freshman QB. Finally a fitting end to a miserable season again. Just wondering if the band will play taps after the game. All eyes and ears now await our new head coach. Lots depends on the Hunter Yurachek decision.

Missouri 31
Arkansas 24

Repaired the cracks in my recently stomped on rose colored glasses. Still looking through some minor cracks, Arkansas 28 - Missouri 24

See no way the defense can stop MO. They have not stopped anybody yet so why start now? I think they will play hard for awhile, but reality will set in about the middle of the 2nd quarter. I will guess:

MO 45
AR 20

It’s impossible for me to predict a hog victory after all we’ve seen for 2 years. I still hold out some glimmer of hope, but right now I’ll say

MU 42
Hogs 31.

MU 31, Hogs 17. The only good thing about this game is it’s Chief’s last one!!!

Please do not jinx us

You guys are killing me,I’m pretty sure he’s as tired of the Hog fans as our Hog fans are of him. WPS