Score Prediction thread: Hogs vs. Alabama

I hate to do this, but:
Alabama 24, Arkansas 16.
Too much Tide speed on defense. Just enough Tide offense to hold us off.

Hogs 24
Tide 23

Tide 26. Hogs 20

Hogs 28- 24 Hogs! Enos has a couple tricks up his sleeve, and Defense bends but don’t break and the ball bounces our way several times…

My heart tells me we win…my mind tells me we lose.

Being the Hog fan I am, I’m going to call for a big upset. :smiley:

Hogs - 27
Tide - 23

Every group plays a little better than in the previous SEC game. We get a couple of yards each time we need it. We catch a break or two. Sounds like a recipe for an upset.

Alabama 33
Arkansas 16

Close until 4th quarter.

Arkansas 27
Tide 17

TO’s are the key then it’s pass protection for Austin.
It’s just a huge game.
The QB young man is going to make a mistake or 2.

We’ll see.
I think we can do it. JMHO

Hogs shock the world! We win in 2 overtimes 38-35! Woo Pig!!

Bama 42
Hogs 21

Tied at half, close at end of 3rd. Pain in 4th. :frowning:

I’m hoping the Hogs can keep it within a two touchdown spread. The Bama game is often when the Hogs really find out what needs fixing - and then in recent years the good news it gets fixed.

That Freshman QB at Bama is not a normal Freshman. That kid is impressive and can be a man among boys when he gets it going.

Unless Bama loses their focus late (like vs. Ole Miss) I don’t think the Hogs are in this one.

Still … GHG !!!

Like many on here I am hoping for an upset, but I think Hurts arm is much better than many believe. Roll Tide Rolls 45-17

Just can’t get those goal line failures against Texas A&M out of my head. I can see Bama doing the same thing to us in the Red Zone.
Therefore…ALABAMA 31 ARKANSAS 13

Hogs 27 - Tide 20, O-line shines,secondary picks Hurt. WPS

Cole Hedlund becomes a legend, making a 38 td FG to propel the Hogs to a …
23-21 win…

Hogs 27 elephants 24

Would love(!!!) to see a Hog win, but realistically I have to go with the sentiments of Hawginator above. Add to that my nightmare visions of the Bama qb torching us on a few runs and I have to go with Bama 38-Hogs 13. Man I sure hope that I’m terribly (actually it would be wonderfully) wrong!!

So many intangibles in the game

Does Frank return after an emotional week and does this team embrace him in an way few could see coming?

Are we at full strength at WR?

Will a rockin RRS help the D rattle a fresh QB?

It’s been a long time since #1 was knocked off on campus and boy it’s past time to turn the Tide!

Having said all that I don’t know if we can get it done

Bama 27

Hogs 21

Please please please make this wrong

I picked Arkansas in the magazine. I think this is the year. And, I will go down to Dickson Street to see the goal posts.

OM scored 43 on them…We’ve beaten OM 2x in a row… Sound logic? Not really, but WTH, no one else uses sound logic on this site…

AR 44
AL 41