Score Prediction thread: Hogs at LSU, morning edition

I see two scenarios: The first is that the team with superior talent takes control of the game and wins. That’d be LSU. The only variable in this circumstance is when LSU takes over the game. If Tigers seize control early, it could be a blow out. They might start slow and eventually wake up, in which case they’ll likely break open a close game on a big play or turnover in the second half. I’m thinking the latter, so 35-21, LSU.

Second scenario: LSU, beaten up and bedraggled after Alabama’s now annual whuppin’, can’t get off the mat and the Hogs do just enough to win, 21-20.

Expecting the first one; hoping for the second.

And, I’m probably completely wrong.

Tigers - 45

Hogs- 17

LSU 38
Arkansas 16

18 more days …

Pretty simple:

Last week LSU pretty well played toe to toe with the number 1 team in the country. They are an SEC team. Not the best, but certainly an SEC team with SEC talent.

On the other hand, The Hogs barley scrapped out a win against the bottom team in the Sun Belt. The defense was dominated by said Sun Belt team. The Hogs wear and SEC patch, but are not even close to that.

No way LSU can take The Hogs seriously (who can?) so they may stop themselves once or twice and prevent them from scoring every time, still:

LSU - 48
Hogs - 3 (if LSU does not want a shutout).

LSU 35

Hogs 14

Last year we were an up-down team with one week playing well and one week playing poorly.

This year we seem to be a down-down team.

LSU 48
Ark 24

If Hammond’s could get 15 or more touches and our Louisiana QB plays the best game of his life, then this could be an entertaining closer game.

Glad to see our coaches now see in Hammond’s what the fans have been seeing since middle of last year…

[color=#800000]LSU… 38

Hogs… 17[/color]

Tigers turn the tables and use CBB’s own formula to play keep-away and slowly squeeze the life out of the Hogs with a ball-control offense. Arkansas will be able to move the ball some on LSU - but the offense won’t have enough opportunities because LSU will run the ball down the Hogs’ throat.

about same as last year

lsu 38
ark 13

LSU 51

Hogs 7

Ugly from the start. Never a game.

I look for LSU to rack up 250+ yards on the ground – most of it on the dreaded jet sweep. That seems to be LSU’s Offensive Coordinator’s favorite play and our defense’s biggest weakness. If a hobbled Cole Kelley starts, I think we have trouble sustaining any offensive momentum. If Austin Allen starts, I think we’ll have some success moving the ball. Although, ultimately, I don’t believe it would make a difference if Dak Prescott were starting at QB for us Saturday.

I agree this one gets ugly early and we’re on our heels fast. LSU beats the spread 38-13…

I agree with the two bold scenarios. Close loss or close win. Would a close loss be enough to cool off Bret’s seat a little, or would another close win?

I don’t expect it to be very close, but we’ve played better than expected in the past. Unfortunately, none of those better than expected games have come in 2017. I’ll guess:

LSU 35
Ark 17

It might be much worse than this, might be a little closer. I do not expect to win, but I’m not giving up hope just yet. Maybe LSU saw our Coastal tape & is overlooking us.

I have stopped guessing the scores. Neither of these two teams are predictable.

I hope the Hogs have some fight left in them and make it a close game.

Tiggers 52

Tigers 45
Hogs 17

I would like to think that LSU can’t get up for this game and comes out flat, and they may. Even so, I don’t think we have the ability to take advantage if that happens and they win anyway. I always want to win this game above any other SEC game but I don’t see how that happens. If it did, it would be more of a miracle than the Miracle on Markham but then we were a much better team then than this year, so that makes sense that it would be a bigger win. I can dream nonetheless. I hope we don’t get embarrassed.



I’ll abstain from a prediction since I’ve always predicted a Hog win.

And my gut tells me that a win won’t happen.


Lsu 12

Ark 6

hangover in BR…