Score Prediction thread, Go West Young Men edition: Arkansas at BYU

Have no idea.

Arkansas 31, BYU 30.

BYU 38
Hogs 24

Good pick.

With KJ performing in a dual threat QB offense, as he should be. Hogs 44-28. With Hornsby in the backfield with KJ and at WR as well and playing for the majority of the game. Hogs 55-30

With KJ running a ball control offense, BYU 31- Hogs 28

I must admit that during the Mo. St. game and what has happened since, I have lost some confidence in this team. This will be a tough game for us. My heart says Hawgs 31 BYU 28, but like I said, I don’t have much confidence in my pick…

From Fourth Nephi “thy swine shall kill thee and eat thy cats”. Hogs big in this one.


Arkansas 41
BYU 34

My feel is never very accurate, but I have a better feeling about this game than I did the MSU game. Maybe it’s because KJ will play. Maybe it’s because I don’t think BYU’s offense is as good as MSU’s. Regardless, I’ll go

Arkansas 42
BYU 32

We get back on track this week. KJ is rested up and will be back to playing the way we know he can. Both players named Sanders have career best games. Larry comes rolling out after the next 3 games.

Hogs 34
BYU 30

I have no clue. No outcome will surprise me. Hogs win big; Hogs win close one; BYU wins close one; BYU wins big.

If I have to guess, BYU 42; Hogs 28.

BYU 41
Hogs 31

BYU 38

Hogs 38
BYU 35

BYU 31-27.

I have concerns about Arkansas’ secondary depth, obviously, as well as the team’s playmaking on the perimeter at receiver, and red-zone efficiency. The Razorbacks should be able to run the ball on BYU. The Cougars have given up 200+ on the ground three times this season, including to Utah State. But can Arkansas be more than one dimensional? Not entirely sold right now, which I wasn’t expecting at this point in the season.

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Hogs - 34-31. I think Vegas has a really good over-under number of 65.5. By the way that number went up from 59.5 when they flipped the spread 4 points to make the Hogs a 1.5 point favorite, from a 2.5 point dog.

Recovery —

Ark 43

BYU 37

Was surprised the Public jumped all over the Hogs as the Dog, but don’t have a clue, like I didn’t have a clue Jimbo was going to play Saban that close. Anything can happen.

We’re not as good as we had hoped, we’re not nearly as bad as many think, will be great to get this road win. Hogs 38 - BYU 21. Think we will see a steady run mixed with some slant passes and Hornsby mixed in different that what we’ve seen in the past. Hope they coach up Hornsby on sliding tasks he can’t absorb those hits KJ does. WPS

It’s not just poor pass defense, it’s also penalties. Gotta clean that up too. Play a clean game and I think Hogs win by 2 TDs. Penalties or turnovers, not so sure.

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BYU 42
Hogs 35.
Our secondary gets picked on and we run it down their throats. I think altitude is a difference maker this Saturday for the home team…